Love is the ultimate Key

You hold it within.

Love is the question

 No matter the topic, Love is the question. 

Love is the option

Love always finds a way. I´m your pathfinder.

Love is the answer

“What would Love do?”
Let´s find your answer.

Natalie Anja Esser

Energetic Alchemist, Author and Soulutioner
Specialist for Abuse Recovery
AstroLogic Transmutation

Specialist needed?

I´d love to assist you

I have a huge toolbox, that is ever evolving. I did learn all kinds of techniques, have studied the metaphysics all of my life(s). But the most important things one can not learn. It is my dedication and my very unique ability to read energy, to get in contact with the part of you and me that is eternal, so I can find out what it is that you need.

If a guided meditation, a transformational astrology session or the closing of soul contracts, whatever it needs: I´m in, if you come for real transformation and change.

I will and I can´t fix you, but I´ll help you to face yourself and to come home into your heart. All else is unfolding naturally. Life is beautiful and rich – and so are you!

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You want the key?

The Key

You hold all of the keys for a happy, fullfilling life within yourself.  I am the one who helps you remember them and to use them.
The masterkey is the Heart. I help you to free it and unlock it. But also to make it a safe space, that is owned by yourself.

Going Quantum 

I have inherited a special form of Quantum Healing, the “Rose Touch”. It takes place beyond time and space, on a multidimensional level. It can not be learned, as it is my greater being and your greater being, working together to assist you on your journey. It helps you to regain energetic balance and inner peace. Many hundred people have experienced this, all over the earth, from all walks of life.

Times of Crisis

Most people search my assistance in a time of Crisis in their life. Many of them feel overwhelmed and need grounding and a a higher perspective at once.If that is you, I offer you my huge toolbox and help you to regain clarity and strenght. I´m an energetic alchemist and transmutation and change is my field of expertise. I love to see you thrive and injoy life.

Practical Wisdom

People have been asking for my advise all of my life. They always felt safe with me, to really be themselves and open up. Trust and an open heart is the foundation of all relationships. My clients love my wisdom, that offers a greater, wider perspective, but is always well grounded in practical life.
Best advise is one that actually works

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Healing from Trauma and Abuse

There are many, many different forms of abuse taking place on this planet. Many are very hidden and subtle, others shocking and frightening. I am very dedicated to this topic and have a lot of empathy and innerstanding to offer, so you can feel safe and your needs are seen. My unique abilities are especially helpful for energetic and spiritual abuse. Let me know, if you need more information or have special needs.

Get to know me

To bring people home to themselves is my passion. The solutions for all of our issues have their root in the fact that we have lost our connection home. The heart is the key to come home again.
I was born with “the ticket home”, plus with special senses. But like so many of us I was put into very difficult circumstances, so I would forget about it, hide it from the world or search for the answers “somewhere out there”. I made a lot of mistakes, went through a lot of trouble, just to find out that all of this was just part of a perfect plan, that one day would bring you and me together.

More about Natalie

Natalie Esser

Energetic Alchemist, Author and Soulutioner 

Specialist for Abuse-Recovery


What my other clients say:

You are always giving me clarity and strength. Thank you for your wisdom!

P. K.

Thank you for your beautiful work and being! You are a tremendous gift to this world!

M. G.

Omg – that blew me away. Already at the beginning I noticed that it is better, when I lie down. There were x different films going on in my head and in the end I had a whole new clarity. I could clearly see where my difficulties lie with the abundance.
Today, 24 hours later, I still feel this strong, clear, unconditional energy of love.
Now I breathe with it and feel very rich gifted.
Thank you dear Natalie and you, dear Therese.
I will necessarily tell others about it.

A. K.


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