Love is the ultimate Key

You hold it within.

Love is the question

In their core people want to be accepted and loved. No matter the topic, Love is their question. 

Love is the option

Love always finds a way. Love offers the room to be. And Selflove is your starting point.

Love is the answer

“What would Love do?”
Find your answer.

If you want to reunite with your true self and core essence, I´m the right choice for you.

Endless Love, Practical Wisdom and Energetic Excellence

These are the most important skills in my toolbox. They assist your personal process of transformation and change. Try it out!

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How does it work?

The Key

This lifetime is the result of lots of experiences on all levels of existance, gifting me with a huge tool-box and deep  insights.  I share these with those that are willing to take the full responsibility for their life and well-being. To assist you on your path is my honour and joy.


I am working in the quantum field, beyond time and space. I am not limited by distance and able to reach you everywhere.


Healing is a state of balance. I am offering you the wisdom, tools or the frequencies your system needs to find this state of balance.

Practical Wisdom

People have been asking me for advice all of my life. The reason for that is my ability to “see” and accept them in their totality, to offer clarity and insight and enough down-to-earth practicality, that it actually really works for them.


If there are repeating patterns and circumstances in your life or difficult relationships, hindering you on your path, it might be useful to work with a process called “Closure”, This process is working on the level of Soul-Contracts and able to really shift your reality.

Being special?

So are you!

I am convinced that you too have a special calling and path and I see it as part of my own journey to remind you. Your Soul is just as amazing as mine and you have skills beyond your wildest dreams.

I love to assist people finding their own strenghts and souvereignity, so they can live their Soul Purpose as a Natural Creator Being, with full access to their true capacity.

Being you is what you came for!


Here you find some of my offers. Simply click on a button to find my YouTube Channels or click on a picture to find a webinar, that assists you on your journey.  <3

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Client Testimonials

What my clients say:

You are always giving me clarity and strength. Thank you for your wisdom!

P. K.

Thank you for your beautiful work and being! You are a tremendous gift to this world!

M. G.

Omg – that blew me away. Already at the beginning I noticed that it is better, when I lie down. There were x different films going on in my head and in the end I had a whole new clarity. I could clearly see where my difficulties lie with the abundance.
Today, 24 hours later, I still feel this strong, clear, unconditional energy of love.
Now I breathe with it and feel very rich gifted.
Thank you dear Natalie and you, dear Therese.
I will necessarily tell others about it.

A. K.

About me

My story is a classic. I had a more than disturbing childhood and been hiding my special skills for many years until miraculous coincidents brought me back on a path to my true self. Since then I am assisting people to find their authentic self also, giving them the space and support, that I wished I had. I truly believe that life doesn´t have to be so hard and that a change in perspective and energetics can move mountains. If you want to know more about me, please follow the link.

More about Natalie

Natalie Esser

“Love is the question, option and answer.”

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