Become a Sovereign

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Become a Sovereign

Sooner or later on our spiritual path we recognize that we need to be a sovereign, nothing less. To be a sovereign has nothing to do with your social position or your income. It is a state of mind. Someone can be a dishwasher and be a sovereign. I swear I was once in a really dangerous situation and met a real master, that seemed to all other persons around us like a hobo, but I knew he was not. He owned himself and by his example, his words and actions, he helped me to take back my power and to escape. Cause that is what a real sovereign does: he reminds you to live your own sovereignity.

A souvereign being is connected with others, but in an independent way. It is difficult to describe. I am working three days a week in an office job and my boss tried a while ago to convince me that I am forced by my bankaccount to work there. But I laughed and answered: “Nope. I might decide to look for another job or may even decide to live on a parkbench, but as you are a lucky guy I am working here at the moment.” By the way my boss really loves it that I work there, but he´s been in military, so my attitude is sometimes a bit challenging for him.

Being a sovereign helps you on your path, cause you don´t give away your power to outer circumstances. It doesn´t mean you won´t get sick or you won´t die, but it means you will stay on your path and act out of integrety for yourself. A sovereign stands by his own side, no matter what happens. An ancestor teached that to me. He was a young prisoner in WWII and he and the others should dig their own graves. All did, but not my ancestor. He realized he will die anyway, so he throwed his shovel away and said: “Dig yourself.” The soldier in front of him took his gun, not to shot him, but to beat him very hard and broke his collarbone, what brought my ancestor to the hospital. There a woman doctor fell in love with her enemy, what saved my ancestors life. And don´t get me wrong, he might have died even a few minutes before the others, or he might have died very slowly in his own dirt. But a sovereign doesn´t hand over his power, not even to death himself. Martin Luther King JR. knew he would be killed sooner or later, but he had the strenght of a true King, never dying, but living forever.

But being a sovereign includes also to not take others power, not even when they want to hand it over by free will. All we learned on this planet about power and leadership is somehow wrong. You cannot be responsible for another being, unless they are little children or pets. That´s a big trap for even very evolved spiritual people, that want to help others. Well, that won´t work on the long run. You help someone and he becomes dependent and blames you when not fullfilling their wants, needs and demands. If you try to get out of the trap, they might even get sick or cause some tragedy so you have to care for them. Of course that´s just their inner child, that wants to be rescued, but you cannot rescue one single person on this planet. You can try to assist them, show them how to help themselves, how to take care for their inner child and for their own needs. You may show them how to be a sovereign. But a lot of persons on this planet aren´t willing to be a sovereign. They feel comfortable in their helpless position. And if you refuse to carry them any longer, they´ll curse you and find someone else. And that experience is good for you, cause that´ll teach you how much they really needed you. Don´t let that hurt you, take your lesson and move on. Don´t waste your energy on people that just want someone to hold their hands while they enjoy being miserable. Give your attention to people that try to evolve, just like you. A master helps by showing the way, not by dragging, pushing or carrying others.

So take the reins and shine your light, precious soul!


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