Another point of view on ailments

Love is the Key

Another point of view on ailments

My own spiritual journey is an unprogramming of the “normal” point of view. Well, I´ve never been good at normal and have been playing around with points of view all my life. What seemed to be an obstacle, but finally turned out as an advantage. And here we are already at my “unprogramming” point of view on ailments  of all kind. All is working for us, my obstacle was an important skill and our illness is showing up for good reasons.

We see illness as the problem. But as a wise fool in a film once said: “The problem isn´t the problem. Your attitude about the problem is the problem.”

Out of my perspective illness is occuring, cause your inner being is looking for balance. Before an ailment is showing up there has been a state of imbalance. The ailment is trying to correct it.

Simple example: When my life is filled with too many things to do and my inner being is stating I need time for making connection to myself instead of answering phone calls and e-mails it regularely is sending me something like a cold. So I´ll stay on my own and do nothing but rest and be in contact with myself and integrate whatever wants to be integrated. My illness is reinstalling balance.

Nothing that is showing up is working against us. This world isn´t created by an enemy, but by the divine, that is love. And deep within we know that. That is the reason why we are shocked when we witness something we concider as negative. A friend of mine is literally feeling attacked when being ill. And the reason for that is that the ailment is contradictory to her inner knowing that the universe is made out of love. So why does she suffer? The answer is, that she already suffered before and the loving universe shows that to her through the sickness, to give her the opportunity to re-create balance again.

Working as a healer I am very aware that all I do is offering the energies, flowing through me to the person I am adressing. I am not their saviour and I cannot fix them. And I never would, as I honour the infinite, divine creator being that I am assisting in their process. I cannot decide when and how they accept the offering. Plus there is nothing wrong with it when they, for whatever reasons, stay ill.

Ailment is often serving us. People get sick for a thousand reasons: to get attention, to have time and space to rest, to not have to “function” in society, to teach their family and friends compassion, to learn being patient, to accept themselves as they are, to find their own inner healer and creator, to learn about unhealthy behaviours etc. Very often people get sick to bring awareness in areas of their lifes where there are blind-spots. Life shows us how we are working against ourselves as it is asking for balance.

One of the most important steps for mankind in general is to become co-creators with life. And that also means to understand we can co-operate with our bodies. Out of this point of view, whenever going to a doctor, pharmacy or healer you are choosing your assistance-team to re-create your balance. And when that is not possible for you at the moment, you may still reach for the highest level of well-being, available at this point. Maybe to not fight against your own body, but to accept that he is looking for balance and working in your highest interest is already lessening suffering and pain a lot. This is a loving and friendly universe and your inner being knows this is how it was meant to be.

Blessed be, precious soul. Shine your light!


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