Mistakes – Finding the chance to change

Love is the Key

Mistakes – Finding the chance to change

We´ve got to learn to look at our mistakes without feeling bad about them, cause only then they can provide their chance to change.

One of the biggest obstacles for the change on this planet, for our personal and collective evolvement, is that we feel bad when making a mistake. But when we feel bad about them, we do not look at them and instead of learning, we recreate them until they are a pattern. We are conditioned to see ourselves as wrong, when we do something that turns out to be wrong. We identify with the mistake. To think we shoud´ve known better makes it even much worse.

When talking to a client the ability to look at “the problem” is really important, cause it´s not me giving them a solution to fix their problem, but them find a soulution, what is an evolution in their journey. As it is their souls path, it has to come out of them, I am only there to assist them with whatever they may need for that. And in many cases that is trust and acceptance. People do not feel bad when talking with me about their flaws and obstacles. They feel that I do not judge them what helps them a lot, to not judge themselves. And that is the critical point. The moment we feel bad about ourselves, when we start feeling guilty or ashamed, we are turning our back on our selves. It is easy to see that when I´m talking to others. It is easy to say “You do not have to feel bad about that.”; but we have been trained so long to think that we are bad, not good enough or unworthy when making a mistake, that this is a deep imprint. Yesterday when talking to a friend I recognized a mistake I have made…and more than once. And I felt shame, cause it seemed really kind of stupid. But than I realized, that my shame might have been the reason why I didn´t see it earlier, why I even repeated it. It is sometimes much easier to love others unconditionally than ourselves. It really needs strenght, love and compassion to look ourselves in the eyes and to accept all that we are, with all flaws and shortcommings. And everyone has them, there´ll never be a moment when we are reaching perfection.

There are no errors, this journey is an adventure, we came here to make experiences, to explore and evolve. The only mis-take we can make is to not open up for the gifts that are hidden in our experiences. And well, not even that is a mistake as this multiverse offers endless chances.

Allow yourself to make mistakes and do not feel bad, but stay open and curious, there are so many layers in reality and in ourselves. It is beautiful to explore them.

Feel loved and shine your light!


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