When the wolf becomes the shepherd

Love is the Key

When the wolf becomes the shepherd

I wanted to write this article for a long time, but as it may stir up things, I had to ask myself if the outcome might be worth it. People love their Polyannaland, and spiritual people especially. To be honest, that includes me. I love green meadows, butterflies, love, and peace.

But this meadow has to be inhabited by us and at the moment it is not as much as we wish it to be. I know we only come to a state of peace and harmony when having done our shadow-work. That has to happen on a personal level, but it will reach out to all areas of life.

The time of fence-sitting is over. I call it “becoming real”, as we have to walk our talk now. That will mean there will be a division, even between lightworkers. I can sense the truth of that, and have seen some important reasons for that division, I have to write this article.

I can sense things that are “out of balance”. In retrospect that is why I am good in almost every job, even the ones that I do not like. Once I have had 648 packages of data on my computer screen and had to give the ok for the payments, that have been encoded in these data. But there was this one line on my screen that “felt strange”, I opened the data and found a huge mistake in it. People thought me to be really good with numbers, but no, I´m just good at sensing energy. People fear mistakes, therefore I have made myself a lot of enemies when finding an error. But I never wanted anyone to feel miserable or bad about it, I just wanted to “heal” things, so they can run smoothly and easily. When I have a client in front of me, I tune into the energies and invite them to re-arrange to be more stable and balanced. I do not judge them for having imbalances. We all have them and we all need assistance to come into alignment again from time to time, me too.

And I also do not want to blame the ones that have created imbalance and hide it…what is called darkness. I just try to bring in the light of consciousness, as we all have an effect on our surroundings and the ones that are teaching out of a state of imbalance, to people that tried to find balance and healing, are causing great harm sometimes.

Plus there are some therapists, healers, and teachers out there, that have a hidden, selfish agenda. They offer to heal although they would need it themselves much more. What they do not see themselves, as the narcissist has to keep up his false persona, the spiritual narcissist even more. They cannot and do not want to see the truth. Often we become healers, because of our wounds. Or we teach because we´ve received so many lessons. Nobody is perfect and we all have some darkness inside of us. Darkness is not what we have to fear, the dark is just the unknown…what makes some people really dangerous is that they have this hidden agenda, their intention is a very selfish and cruel one. And some are even installed to do so. Who helps them? Who benefits from divided and confused lightworkers? Think about it. The ones I´m talking about have sold their soul to things like power, money etc. They are energetic vampires, they feed off those who come to them for healing and wisdom.

I stumbled “accidentally” a few times over those people and have been talking with friends lately about it, that have recognized these wolfish shepherds also. And as so many incidents have come together lately, I decided to write about the wolfs, that pretend to be shepherds.

The way how these con-guides attract the sheeps is that they provide real help. That´s how I stumbled over them. I saw that they have some truth, some really good things to offer. It really broke my heart when I saw why they offer it. That´s really malicious. They could help so many, but instead, the shepherd is just offering green meadows to herd the sheeps. And they are looking for the nicest and kindest persons to cause the biggest harm!

These false shepherds have been working in traditional religious organizations and now they are also in between the New Age Community. Talking about Love´n Light and handing once in a while a shep to the butcher. This has been a clever concept, cause the bigger the crowd of devotees, the less one missing shep would be noticed. The other sheep will not protect the one sheep. They want to believe that it had to be sorted out as it was ill. And to be very clear, some sheep have even witnessed something that should make them wonder…but they have decided to sell their souls likewise…to green meadows…until they are shed or butchered and that day is coming, that´s for sure. You think you just have to stay close to the wolf,  to serve him, please him, and you´ll be safe. But the truth is, that when he looks at you, he´s thinking how yummy you might taste. They are masters of manipulation, they are even using your compassion against you. They tell stories about their own wounds and hardships and you open your heart, wanting to protect and nurture them. And you will, but the wolf won´t even be grateful for that, as he just laughs about the stupid sheep.

Dear ones, the old energy tries to survive by pretending to be working for the new earth, but they don´t. If you want to spot them, look at their actions, and the outcome of those. I know this article might not find many likes, but I didn´t come to be liked. I came to live my truth and to remind others of theirs. Their joy is my joy, their alignment is mine. And their suffering is saddening me, so I will speak up. We are all here to walk each other home.

The wolfish Shepards can only exist as long as we give away our power to outer authorities, as long as we believe in hollow words, without looking at the cruel actions and poisoned fruits. Think about it.  There´s a choice to be made. Being a herded shep or wanting to walk your own path, following your own guidance? The real teacher, leader, and healer will tell you that you are your own truth, health, guidance. They´ll assist you to re-connect with your own divine core. For the ones, that are interested in sorting out whom to trust and where to be careful, I´ll write a second article.

Shine your precious light!


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  1. Mark Cotrupe says:

    To me, this is particularly nefarious. It isn’t like they are dealing with our usual sheeple. They prey on those who want to do better, be better, and genuinely want a better world for everyone. It’s a shame those people haven’t learned to go within and use their own discernment yet, but this is why they seek, isn’t it? People need to go within first, and then look at what others offer that may add to their knowledge and growth.

    • Natalie says:

      Yes, that´s very true dear Mark. We´ve been told that “the answer is out there” and that´s a very misleading idea or even belief. Learning to trust the own guidance and to listen to the inner truth is now more important than ever.

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