How to recognize a good teacher/healer/therapist?

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How to recognize a good teacher/healer/therapist?

In my last article I´ve been writing about the wolfs, that are pretending to be shepherds. I can not count how often people have  told me about abusive behaviours of therapists, teachers and healers. And I´ve been stumbling myself quite some times about these con-guides, also.

Problem is that nice, kind people often do not have the mindset to recognize what is going on. We all have our filters and we often even chose the purple-pink glasses by intend. What is normally a good decision, as the world looks much nicer that way. But we can overdo it and become kind of naive.

So, how to recognize the good teachers/healers/therapists? Here are 12 keys to look for:

  1. They will assist you to find your own strenght, health, guidance.
  2. They do not compete with others and are not jealous at others.
  3. Their work/actions speaks for them. Their work brings healthy fruits.
  4. They will not make you dependent, but enabeling you, help you to be as free and happy as can be.
  5. They are walking their talk.  If someone talks love´n light and is mocking, gosipping about others, that´s not fitting together.
  6. They are practitioners. Be careful with experts that are theorists. Teaching about childcare but never cared for kids or relationship experts, married the 5th time with 30 and their last 3 mates in a row tried to commit suicide.
  7. They are open, clear and transparent. They explain what they do, ask for your permission to go ahead and you can ask questions, without feeling bad about it.
  8. They´ll strenghtening, encouraging and empowering you. If they belittle you, play with your anxiety or use your weakpoints – leave!
  9. The new earth is inclusive. Be careful with people that are pretending to be “better”, “exclusive” or offering their stuff for a chosen elite.
  10. They do what they love. To gain money, success is a natural occuring byproduct. Be careful if they only love what brings money, power, attention.
  11. They offer the same good service if 3 people are attending or 3000. If someone thinks 3 people are not worth his best, you might question if this is the right one.
  12. The compassion-factor. This has become my most important signifier. I have met people that were master-manipulators, but this has been the point not so easy to fake, especially when someone has to react spontaneously.

In most cases your healer/teacher/therapist will have some flaws, as we are all humans, we are all perfectly imperfect. But if s/he is not offering much of the 12 keys, please be careful.

In the end we all have to trust our own feelings. As lightworkers we tend to be tolerant and do not want to judge others. And that is good, but we shouldn´t harm ourselves out of tolerance for the other. Every time in my life I talked myself out of serious doubts, finding excuses for the others disrespect or rudeness, it´s been a mistake. But of course we learn from that, also. And one lesson every bad teacher/healer/therapist holds for us is to not give away the own power. Self-empowerment, awareness and inner alignment are the own abilities we have to strenghten to avoid pitfalls. We´ve been teached way too long that others “know better”. But no matter how famous the expert, in the end everyone of us is his own Master, embodying the divine light him- and herself.

Trust your own light and inner knowing <3


P. S. The picture above was taken while a audience with my personal Lama.





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