Lovestories seen from inside and outside duality

Love is the Key

Lovestories seen from inside and outside duality

When two people look at the same situation they perceive a total different reality. I described lately how I took pictures of nicely blooming roses, while a drunken guy thought me to record his mischievous actions.

Well, it´s been sometimes confusing for me as I am having different points of view at once, at the same time, since quite some years.

This started with an intense and unhappy lovestory many years ago, directly after I gave intend to drop karma. Well my whole life fell into pieces and I met this guy, that was from my own kind. Just he had been born into a Team Dark Family. He had psychic abilities, believed in the end of this world and that humanity deserves it. He thought all humans to be stupid and destructive and had a love-hate relationships with humanity in general and with me in specific. He brought my own unknown dark stuff out, made me yell, cuss  and face my shadow – but he´s also been the one that reminded me of true love. I remember that while that time I felt confused sometimes as I had to face two different points of view at once. I could see very clearly that we shared a deep love on a soul-level, I received signs and dreams all along the path. But the humans couldn´t get along without quarrels, as our points of view had been diametrically opposed. I joked that he and I walking besides would be a walking ying-yang-symbol and he agreed at this point. When we have been in-tune we could´ve easily moved mountains without any effort…but we did seldom 😉 He always tried to dominate me, as this has been what he believed in. And I drove him mad, cause he couldn´t rule over me. Our perceptions have been too different, always involved in a power-struggle. There had been a scene, where he was holding me close in his arms, I´ve been in heaven as it felt so good, and than he whispered in my ear: “We both are special, we are standing outside all laws.” I answered: “Oh, noone is outside the cosmic law.” And the magic was gone. Seen from a dualistic point of view this relationship ended, as we´ve been too different. Seen out of the perspective of the soul it´s been a “high-five”. Through these experiences I started to remember what true love really means and I reactivated his frozen heart. Team Dark lost a player, but it took me a while to recover from this opening of my own path and heart and to integrate these experiences.

Well since that time I am able to see things out of a soul-level, where everything, really everthing in our lifes occures to give us an opportunity to evolve. But the humans keep on playing their duality games. And here´s the point: You might know that the person that is your offender, perpetrator or bully is a co-worker, seen from a higher perspective, and therefore never stop loving them even for a splitsecond, and bless them no matter what they do. But they do not have access to that truth and their own higher aspects…so they will still try to harm you and dislike you anyway.

And that is the reason why you might love someone and stay away or alert for good reasons anyway. I know that some lightworkers might disagree in this point, but they will not walk with a miniskirt and huge diamonds rings alone through a ghetto at night anyway. I know that it is possible to do so, I´ve escaped in unbelievable ways myself sometimes, but I would advice caution here. Being a lightworker  doesn´t mean to not use common sense.

Why I shared this? Cause you might try to see the lovestory behind your challenging relationships and experiences. There are no unhappy lovestories, only some treasures still waiting in the dark. Heaven knows happy, but no endings.

Shine your light <3


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