Your inner knowing

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Your inner knowing

We have been trained for such a long time to search outside of us for knowledge, to than put it inside of us and to re-member it later. The reason for that is a deeply ingrained feeling of “not enough”. We have been told in a hundred ways that we are unworthy and that we need to search outside to become “better”.

This couldn´t be further from the truth. It is the other way around. Inside of you is the source of all that is. You have to make contact with her, to get to all the answers you need. You are already infinite, you´ve just not realized it by now (well, some of my readers actually have 😉 )

Yes, our human brain/mind is limited, but the source of our being is not. You´ve gotta make contact with that source and it will answer directly or lead you to someone or some place where your answer is to be found. Therefore the highest priority in life should be our inner alignment. When we are in alignment we can sense it when someone else is not in alignment, that his answers or informations are maybe not accurate. And I can feel it also within my body when someone is giving an important information or insight, something inside of me is than getting excited and very present. I know a few people, that have that also. It can literally safe your life to learn to go inside and awake the sense of inner knowing. An it makes life in so many ways more easy and relaxed.

How did I find out about the inner knowing? The first evidences of this inner knowing I received many years ago in situations…where I knew nothing at all.  That´s an important hint, as what you mentally know gets easily in the way of your inner knowing. In my early days the inner knowing did work the best when my human self had no answers. I am someone who has no interest at all in technological details. My brain refuses to deal with it. But sometimes I “repair” technical devices, without even knowing what I do. And my human mind is really bad at physics, but another aspect of me is really good when it gets quantum.

I used to make jokes that my angels are amazing as they are supertalented in all areas of life, they can drive a car and are outstanding in tax-law. I am a real bad driver. And the morning when I had to get my driver-licence (what is not so easy in germany) I was so nervous, that I felt as if my body doesn´t even belong to me. Driving a car in that state? Well, an inner aspect just took over and it´s been the only time in my life when I was able to even park that car absolutely perfect. At another occasion I had to write an examine about tax-law. Even under best conditions, learning like crazy, that would only give me an average result. But that day I was totally out of my mind (!), as my husband has been in hospital, seriously ill, I didn´t have had even one minute sleep the night before and have had no time and brain to learn. I was sure the outcome would be a remarkable failure, but grabbed my pen and started answering the questions to at least not give up without trying. Well…when we got the exams back,  the teacher held mine in her hands and looked at me…with delight! She told me in front of the other students its been the best practice. She´d use it as a sample solution from now on.

It´s really interesting and typical human that it took me many, many years until I understood what had really happened in these cases. I handed over to my inner knowledge, to a higher aspect of mine, as I didn´t have any other solutions. And how totally insane in hindsight, that I kept on the years in between to worry about a million things in my life or to allow others to tell me what to do or what not to do, while having access to all that I need.

The way I see it, the human mind and brain is a tool. But inside of us lives a Master that knows how to use the tool-box.

You´ll do yourself a big favour, when you stop trying so hard to find answers, but instead make connection with your core. It´s your  access to all knowledge. Here are 9 helpful insights about the inner knowing:

  1. Although you have access to all knowledge, you´ll only get to know what you need to know. Memories from past-lifes for example may only show up, when useful and needed. Otherwise they´d cause distractions.
  2. It might be that a knowledge will not appear, when you need an experience. If you´d know that someone will hurt you, you´d refuse to enter that relationship, although the lesson is needed.
  3. The inner knowing always responds to the now moment. Therefore yesterdays answer might not be the same as todays answer. That is also the reason why other peoples answers are often not for you. If others deliver your answer you will feel a resonance with their answer inside of you.
  4. When you haven´t found your solution by now, it is not the right moment. Heaven never comes too early 😉
  5. You can give intend, but not demand it. You can not force it, just allow it.
  6. Do not sit around and wait for your answer. That´s like a child asking a thousand times: “Are we there?” Better relax, have fun and enjoy the journey.
  7. Have a loving, trusting relationship with yourself. This is the most important connection you can ever have. It´s for eternity. You with you.
  8. Very often your answer comes from an outside source. A song in the radio. Someone making a remark. A title of a book. But it is the inner source leading your awareness to the answers. An outside source isn´t the answer, it provides it. And you have to check if an outer answer resonates with you. That´s actually the training ground, to fine-tune your sense of inner knowing.
  9. Inner knowledge is. It never argues. It just knows. All voices in your head that are arguing, are other aspects, maybe some fearful aspect, often named ego. Be kind and loving to this aspect, it is like a child or an animal, that is frightened. Never argue with your mind. Just understand what is going on. Learn to listen to the often very calm and silent voice, that just knows. It´s up to you, to decide what voice you listen to.

Have fun and shine your inner light of eternal knowing <3



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