To value the little things

Love is the Key

To value the little things

I have never been impressed by big money or great names, but by outstanding characters. You can find them anywhere. I love those people. One thing that makes them great is that they love what they do.  As I love people, that love what they do, I have a talent to find people that are doing a great job. Therefore they are outstanding in their field or surrounding. And I realize that others do not pay attention, as they see “just a young woman, working as a physiotherapist” or “the woman cutting my tooth-nails”. My chiropodist is an angel on earth and my physiotherapist has healing hands, she always senses the right spot to trigger. A few month ago, she changed her position and I followed her, even if that means to have a long drive now. She is worth it. It took me a while until I told her I can sense her healing hands, as some people are not really aware of it and I didn´t wanna frighten her. She told me she didn´t even know what it is, just that it gets warm und that her hands are buzzin´. In the meantime she made her exam and is now allowed to work as an alternative practisioner. I am astonished how I am able to always find these people, but I “see” them. I pay attention. Most people don´t and they just see, what they expect. You say a sentence and they put you in a box and not even try to get to know you. Well, of course I´ve got the ability to sense peoples energy field, what makes it much easier for me, to recognize whom I am speaking to.  When I find these special characters, I value their work and therefore I am always receiving way more than what I have paid for. Well, they´d say they receive more than money from this client. People love to give their best, when it is seen and valued.

People that can not value the little things, will never be really great. And greatness is not made by your money or position. You may be the president or a multi-billionaire, if a tiny thing, called virus, comes along and you are out of balance the tiny virus can end your importance or greatness very quickly.

But to value little things can make you rich or important. I once had a talk with the son of a building tycoon and he told me he is convinced his father became so successful, because he never saw someone as unimportant. He told me: “My father is talking to everyone. Even to the guy shoveling the sand for the cement. First his people love to work for him and second he knows everything that isn´t working. If the quality of the sand or a machine isn´t that good as it used to be.” He added: “My father has teached me that noone is so dumb or unimportant, that he can not teach you something.” All my inner truth bells have been playing a hallelujah that moment.

And when my daughter finished school, the father of a classmate was holding the speech adressing the young people, now entering university or business. This guy was the Topmanager of one of the big banks located in my hometown Frankfurt. He told the young people, that success is to have a happy life (the same thing I teached my daughter, but I´m just her mom ;)). He said it is not important, if they have success in being a baker, a mother, a gardener or a bank-manager. It is important that they love what they do and that they are doing a great job, no matter who´s around. And he than told us how he is choosing  between all the ambitious young people, wanting to make career in his bank. He told us the following story:

“All these young people have of course very good references, but we invest a lot of money in them and they will be responsible for other people, therefore I have to know their character. So, they´ll get an appointment to speak with me, the big boss. And as I am located at the top-floor and noone is allowed to enter there without special permission, I send my secretary into the entrance hall, where they have to fill-in some stuff and than she brings them with the elevator to me. The moment they have reached my office, the decission about their future is already made. People do not pay attention to a servant, therefore they show their real character to my secretary, whom they think to be a very unimportant woman, making coffee for the big boss. But I totally trust that woman and she has an outstanding knowledge of human nature. When she enters with the ambitious person, she gives me a sign. She is the one, deciding who is able to guide others, cause she sees how they treat their guide.”

Things aren´t always what they seem. Whatever you do, do it with love and shine your beautiful light.


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