The false light

Love is the Key

The false light

I have had the pieces and parts of the puzzle since a while, but a few days ago, they started to make really sense.

I knew that the matrix was actually two matrixes: the “natural one” and the Matrix in the matrix. A kind of prison and deception. First the good news: It´s no more a prison, but you´ve gotta realize that you are free, to leave it.

How to leave it? Take your power back and stop thinking you´d be better or less than someone else. Stop handing your responsibility to others. Relax and just be yourself.

I never fitted into normal society. But very often I did also not fit into spiritual groups. Something felt strange. The games have been the same, just more subtile. From agressive, to passive-agressive was one step, but there was only one thing to top it all and that was the righteous lightworker. I felt how some people fooled and manipulated really beautiful souls and wondered why noone recognized it. It´s the kind of sweetness, that has something strange about it. Like Aspartam. It´s not really sweet and makes you ill.

When you piss me off, I´ll show it. But no matter how off I think you to be, I never stop honoring and loving you. But that kind of person pretends to be at peace (while you feel their hatred). If you piss them off they will talk love´n light, but they will use anything they have, to bring you down. Cause that´s the signature of the false light: It has to be better, holier, more evolved than you, so it has to make you somehow wrong and less.

The false light is hierarchical. It excludes. The secret order. The inner circle. And if you enter, they believe to own you. You have to obey to their laws, to the decission of the bosshoss, or holy highpriestess of the highest of all high. The false light is a trap, installed by darkness to fool those that try to leave the dark/old paradigm.

The false light has copied everything that ever was of the real light. It is everywhere, it has overtaken all governments and religions. They used the real christ, buddha, mohammed, maria, gaia, sophia and made a surrogate. Look around. That´s why in the name of the christ the biggest crimes of all times have been commited. That´s why the false copy of god is a jealous one. That´s why there are banks that make people poor, why a part of the food industry poisons people and some pharmarcies make people sick with intend.

They have created a problem and than they offer a false solution. They create the pain and sell you pain-killer, but they do not help you to regain your health, that is your birthright. They don´t care about you and your rights, they just make sure that the sheps never leave the flock.

And do not get fooled by wonders. They are masters of deception. A false jesus showing up at night next to your bed, so you may fall on your knees for worship and sending you on a mission. I can tell you that the real light respects your free will, it helps you on your mission and it knelts down to wash your feet. I had mine been washing often and with so much love lately, I know exactly what I´m talking about.

I knew a lot of the above, but recently I stumbled accidently over one guy that had some missing links for the whole picture. His name is George Kavassilas, you´ll find him on youtube. The drawing you see is inspired by him, but I do not pretend to show his truth, this is just how I understood what he explained. Please check out his work and make up your mind on your own.

The truth shall set you free. You are free. It´s up to you to realize it.



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  1. Conny Schmücker says:

    wonderfully written Natalie. ! I experienced the same, for a while you think you really are lost, because tze “right & important ” souls do not respect you and don’t treat you well. I brought more than one “Guru” to the threshold of a nervous breakdown , just because I asked too much (just like in school when I got complain letters that I would have too much fantasy) they even considered physical beating because I was not behaving right (also like,…… to unfold spiritually you have to have sex with the Tantra Master)……… I told him :” you are really sweet but you are an old guy with a full beard, big belly and thin legs, why should I , if I don’t feel like it ?” 🙂 🙂 🙂 … I got kicked out of the Tantra class …..Thanks Heaven……and the stories were unfoldi ng…the Ego’s and trapps got finer and more sophisticated, but we gotta face them all and we learn from all. So my sweet Star Sister 🙂 we make it, we are fabulous and we are wonderful. Namaste’ Conny

    • Natalie says:

      Thank you for your wonderful comment, dear Conny <3
      I love that you are not behaving right, but authentic. What an awesome story to be kicked out of the Tantra-Class for telling how you feel. I agree, the traps get more sophisticated. And we become clearer as we learn to navigate through the pitfalls of life, and even having fun 😉 Please keep on shining, dear Si*Star.

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