A journey into embodied enlightenment

Love is the Key

A journey into embodied enlightenment

These are my experiences, my path; it is unlike everybody’s elses path, so no need to agree or disagree about it. I share it for those that find a little nugget in it and all else I have no interest in. No more need of people mastering others, instead of themselves. I do not follow another master, nor do I want followers. We are all equals, just on our own unique path, with its own unique perspective. And while I follow no one else, I benefit from those that really help me on my path, as they have mastered themselves and therefore share with a tender, loving hand. I hereby thank them very much, you are recognized and appreciated with much love. No one can do it for us and at the same time no one can do it totally on his own. So bless you, as you have blessed yourself and others.

I went through a process this week,  where I went back to my origins. I saw myself in other places, other worlds, other forms, until I saw that I started as a beam of light from source itself, together with other children of  the sun we played when seeing the colors, created by a prisma. That’s where I came from and in truth I never really left this place. And here at the same  time I go through a process where the light comes in more and more into my earthly expression….many go through it, most of them in silence. But I´ve also been  shown, that I´m one of the witnesses and writers, that’s why you see me share my unique perspective.

There are some things that most of us have in common and others where everyone has other experiences. Where my path is a bit different from others around me is physical pain. I experience it too, but not in such extreme ways as the ones that are younger undergo it. I recognized three reasons for it, they are not complete and you might find some truth in it – or not:

  1.  I´ve done that before. It´s not my first time. Your first time hurts, but being very loving and tender might help.
  2. I´ve been brought to my knees so often in this lifetime, that I became an empty vessel (almost) when my process started. I lived many lifes in this lifetime, while the younger ones that have a much faster road still need to integrate things. In my case, being 49 years old, there’s not been very much left, that has to be removed or that is unlived. When having outlived my illusions, it’s much easier to let them go now.
  3. No resistance. As long as we fight for power, trying to be better, overtrumping others, think we know it all or dislike what life delivers, may it be on the inside or outside, we will suffer. Pain is caused by resistance, it’s as simple as that. That’s why it’s no fun at all to share the presence of someone fighting with the own demons, especially when projecting them on the outside. Oh we all do this and did this, me too, indeed, that’s why I share it for the benefit of all. It’s all fine and it takes as long as it takes. But some of it can be easier, when we accept all that is, with much love, compassion and surrender towards ourselves and others.

Not our circumstances are the issue. It’s our attitude. The BS in our mind. All the strange ideas, the judgement, the stories, projections and interpretations. Our mind tries to make sense out of it, while that is not possible at all, as the mind is creating non-sense. A computer collecting data, can connect dots, but these are just stories. Awareness is very different from the mind. Awareness doesn’t need to collect data and connect dots. It just is.

This morning more light came in and I witnessed how my mind still mumbled in the background, because coffee is ready. Who would let the eternal light in, when coffee is ready? Hahaha, it’s all too funny, when witnessing this adventure. All has to be welcomed, but it’s the master making sense out of all of it – or not 😉

Shine your beautiful light <3


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