Change and Energy Management

Love is the Key

Change and Energy Management

The change I´m often talking and writing about is my constant companion. Looking backwards over more than two years, I see how much I have evolved and it´s making sense to let go of everything that is no longer representing me. The name Soulutions.One for my business for example and all the deception and energetic traps that have been around when I founded it.

I am working with energies and as I found that all and everything on this planet is about energy. As I am evolving, fine tuning my energetic virtuosity more and more, I gain more and more clarity when it comes to the own energy management. A very important question in life is:

Where do we invest our energy in and whos energy do we want in our own creations?

Therefore as we are evolving, we have to change ourselves and renew our creations. Especially my business as a spiritual healer and consultant has to be free of others energy. That´s why I am undergoing changes in my blog, YouTube Channel etc.
Because I love and honor myself and I am living my own values of Love, Freedom and Integrity. I´m sure that those that appreciate me and my work will enjoy following me to my new page. My essence stays the same, just is to be seen even more clearly the last few month. It is time to walk our talk.

Over the next few weeks I´ll write more about energy management and how to deal with energy, especially as an empath or highly sensitive person. I´ve also created two webinars, in case you are interested, just follow the links: Energy Management – Where we invest, we´ll manifest and The Empath – Finding the treasure behind the challenge. Really interesting topics. Let me know, what you think about it or share your experiences in this area.

2018 is a real good year for renewals. A lot of my friends and clients undergo them. Wishing simply the best for you and me and all of us <3 With Heart´n Soul. <3


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