The real conspiracy

Love is the Key

The real conspiracy

I can say for a lot of conspiracy theories that they are real, as my Soul has chosen to give me first-hand experiences for stuff that I would have trouble believing otherwise….cause the mindset behind it is so different from mine.

But although I have seen shape-shifting and been part of an experiment on human beings, sold and forsaken, I am not feeling like a victim at all. I am a Soul that studies distortions and I have studied lots and lots of them. Why? Because I am one of those, that came here for solutions. How should we find them, if we didn´t understand the real cause?

And all I can say: It is everywhere. You might point your finger towards Hollywood or towards raping Priest, all of it true and disgusting, but I can tell you it starts in normal life and it starts with cowardy, blindness and heartlessness in every family, company and spiritual circle.

The real conspiracy is the lack of compassion. And it´s the conspiracy of the enablers, to not see it, to not speak up, to look the other way and to give no shelter and safety towards the ones that had been experiencing cruelty. I even hesitate to use the word victim, as it´s been distorted, like all else on planet earth. We need a new word for those, that have been experiencing all kinds of abuse and being left alone with it. A word that doesn´t shame them and takes away their rights to be seen. A word that allows them to experience compassion. A word that makes them strong, instead of weakening them even more.

I could give you a thousand examples and you might cry out “scandal” as you are not involved in it, but I can guarantee you, it is happening around you also, and I don´t want to do you wrong, but if you are a normal human, you would turn a blind eye.

The big cases frighten people, so they are silent. And the small ones, they are seen as normal. So they are silent, too.

An example for a small incident, that happened a few months ago, where I am doing my office job. The guy responsible for human resources (lol, what a wording!), called me into his office, playing weird power-games. In the beginning, I reacted shy, so he kept going, He tried to confuse me, why he might have called me into his office….and then happened what always happens when the light is shining into the dark. I didn´t stay in my role, just silently looked at him, observing, centered….and he dropped his mask for a second, really saying: “Well, I am a sadist.” I looked him in the eye, with a gentle smile and answering with a calm voice, without even blinking: “I know!” He was shocked afterward as he didn´t expect this to happen: “I shouldn´t have said this! I am sorry!” He repeated this a few times, but all he was sorry for was that his game didn´t work, but that he had exposed himself.

Now, what do you think what happened when I returned to my office and told my co-worker? She didn´t react at all. It is normal and there is nothing you can do about it, without destroying your future. Well, I don´t mind my future, and I wanted to find out, what happens when there is someone else in the room and retold this story twice. In both cases, we had been more than two persons, so the people thought they had to give a reaction. My co-worker now even spoke the truth: “There´s nothing you can do about it, but be careful with that guy.” My response was: “That´s exactly why I tell this story. I know now, but others should know too.” Cause see, there was this woman a few days after the self-exposing incident, telling me, while wanting to refer to a co-worker acting mean towards her, how she went to this personnel manager so often, sitting there, crying, while he was listening so nicely. I almost puked when in my mind I saw this beautiful young woman, sobbing in the sadists’ office, not knowing about his true nature and the distorted pleasure she delivered him so willingly and freely. I didn´t tell her, cause she wouldn´t believe this. Or she would be shocked and she was pregnant, so there was no use in it. But I told a few others, so people might become more aware.

I listened coincidentally to an expert on profiling lately and she said it is almost impossible that you expose a Psychopath after his 35th birthday, as they have learned so well to stay in their role and will not lose their masks normally. Yupp, unless they totally underestimate someone. This is just a very tiny example, and it happens everywhere because people obey towards the ones in power.

The slave mentality is the conspiracy and it´s about time people take responsibility for that and change it.

I have seen it a million times. My Sisters looking the other way, when the one in charge said to me that I wouldn´t be awakened when not finding the money to come visit her. I told her to stop her abusive behaviors, but the others of the inner circle, instead of acting like the Roses, they call themselves, they demonized and out-casted me. A while later I found accidentally that the much bigger circle obeys to a guy who names himself “Cobra”. Even the name is a joke, hidden in plain sight. Pure poison. They all show their true colors if one wants to see. But people don´t as they prefer companions over truth. Power over Love. So be it. And there´s lots of this stuff in the “spiritual communities”. Yummy food for vampires. It is everywhere. Do people in power really conspire? They don´t even have to! The sheeple have conspired to only look for green grass and not care about the ones being sheared and butchered. I´ve written another article about this a while ago. Guess who was the first to contact me, to ask if I have seen any wolfs around? The one trying to use me later, I have had an inner bell ringing that moment and it´s been a warning sign. They are not as SMart as they believe. Well, and I wrote another article, so people could see what are some obvious signs of an abuser, when looking for a healer or therapist😉  Of course there are a lot of them in these professions, you find the wolves close to their prey.

People refuse to think about power-misuse. They believe if they turn a blind eye, they will not be targeted themselves and hope the best. The others must have deserved it somehow, so it can not happen to them. And one day, when they might be the victim, they find no one helping them, as the rest is just having the same mindset.

The silent m asses are the real conspiracy. The people in power are standing on the shoulders of the rest of society, but as everyone wants to keep their convenient lives, they will be carried by the silent m asses.

More than 10 years ago I met an offspring of the leading circles and have had many discussions with him, as he insisted that it would be best if humans would be eliminated totally, cause truth could be seen everywhere. He said, that you can tell people the truth, but they would insist to run against the same wall again and again. He believed humans don´t deserve better, as they are heartless, stupid and have no dignity. He couldn´t change my mind. It´s obvious I still love mankind, otherwise, I wouldn´t have written this blogpost. Someone, who knows exactly what I speak about, wished me good luck when I started writing.

Well, Love is on my side, that´s all I need. It is the end of all conspiracies and it was what even touched the illuminati-offspring. There´s no greater miracle but Love.


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