Month: October 2018

Love is the Key

All the wrong places

We´ve been searching in all the wrong places. This goes for everything: Happiness, Love, Fulfillment, Self-Worth, Abundance, Meaning, Direction… We have been searching on the outside, to make us fulfilled on the inside. But it will never work this way. We have been deceived to believe in the upside-down-reflection of true life. True Life comes…
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When we feel stuck….

Everybody is feeling stuck once in a while. I have been there very often and for many people, it seems to be “in the air” at the moment. So, I felt inspired to give you A) another point of view on being stuck. B) share with you two things you can always change, no matter…
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The end of suffering

I know what suffering means. I have made some extreme experiences in this lifetime, I am aware of other lifetimes plus as an EmPath I feel the suffering of others. If you are reading this, it´s highly likely that you´ve experienced more than enough suffering yourself. In my case, all of the above has prepared…
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