The end of suffering

Love is the Key

The end of suffering

I know what suffering means. I have made some extreme experiences in this lifetime, I am aware of other lifetimes plus as an EmPath I feel the suffering of others. If you are reading this, it´s highly likely that you´ve experienced more than enough suffering yourself.

In my case, all of the above has prepared me for walking this path as a healer. But my healing is not working the way people are used to it. I am not trying to “fix” people. I remind them of being whole, not taking their responsibility or path away. Cause this can only provide a temporary release. Why? Cause nobody can make you whole again, without you taking back your own power and responsibility for yourself. People, by going through suffering and choosing separation, have lost their self-awareness, self-consciousness, and sovereignty. You are the one who has to claim it to be yours. My job is to assist people in this, if they choose so. I try to inspire people, may it be through awareness or to remind them on an energetic level that they all hold a key to their wholeness and state of balance. This is not only possible, but it happens again and again.

There is just one problem and it´s a profound one. The suffering itself, all we have experienced while being separated stands between our current state and the state of wholeness.

The only way out is going through it. Awareness, acceptance, transformation, integration. We have to own our stuff. And people don´t want to, cause they feel bad about it. That´s the reason why we are all distracted, addicted and unconscious. We don´t want to own our unpleasant conditions. But the truth is, that we are having no mercy for ourselves with this avoidance. We are abandoning ourselves by this and hell yes, that feels horrible.

See, we can not escape ourselves anyway. When we refuse to feel and to integrate, re-connect with our true self, the pressure and the experiences are becoming more and more extreme. I have experienced it with my own stuff and have seen it with others a million times. We are all trying to avoid the process, but it´s an illusion, cause we can not escape ourselves.

And all people are suffering, it doesn´t matter if you see yourself as a victim or offender. Both are in this together, they just tried different strategies out. Which by the way are not working. It´s obvious, isn´t it?!

I cannot stand suffering, I have experienced and witnessed more than enough. That´s why I am constantly working, day in and out and literally even in my Dreamtime, to find the easiest way out. Over the last month, I´ve been very often co-working with Therese Wenk, who is on the same wavelength and path, having the same passion and drive for finding solutions. But although we are really good when it comes to the efficiency of the process, we can not spare it. Cause it is your job to spare you suffering, not ours. We give you the tools, so it´ll be as smoothly as possible. But you are holding the responsibility for your path. It is not ours to walk it, we will not carry your cross and we will remind you to not take away others peoples responsibility.

But if you think you have enough now from the suffering and the distorted ways on this planet, Therese and me, we would love to be your escape-agent. We are giving a free webinar on this topic:

If you can´t make it at the given time, doesn´t matter. There´ll be a replay, that is working alike the live-session. You are also invited to send us comments or questions beforehand so we will take them into the webinar.

This is an opportunity. You may give it a try and push the button to end your suffering.


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