When we feel stuck….

Love is the Key

When we feel stuck….

Everybody is feeling stuck once in a while. I have been there very often and for many people, it seems to be “in the air” at the moment. So, I felt inspired to give you

A) another point of view on being stuck.

B) share with you two things you can always change, no matter the stuckish circumstances


A) Being stuck might be a preparation. We might have to prepare, have a break, allow others to keep up and somehow get ready. You don´t know how huge the step will be you are gonna make. Before making a quantum leap, there might be a pause needed.

Being stuck might bring a deep awareness of how you got there and what you really, really want to change. So instead of feeling bad about this situation, you might make a sober inventory. Or you might decide to have some fun while waiting.

B) Even when the circumstances and surrounding refuse to move and you can not see any changes occurring, there are always two things you can change.

  1. Your point of view.
  2.  Your attitude.

Stop looking on the outside for the change. Change is an inside job. The outside will follow, but this might take a while. Try to get into alignment with yourself. There is no situation in life that we can not make inner peace with. If we can not get to a point where we find inner alignment and peace, we might have just found the reason why the divine has chosen to give us a rest. Maybe our Higher Self has chosen that we have been running around and distracting ourselves long enough now. Maybe we have to find something on our inside that we have overseen until now.

The divine knows about the perfect timing. We, having a limited perspective, don´t have all the pieces of the bigger picture. But the divine holds divine perfection, bringing all pieces together by divine timing. So we can trust, that all is working out exactly as it has to. We will understand it in hindsight. To change the point of view and attitude might by itself even bring in the change. Sometimes we create stuck energy when we want things “too much”. Pressure keeps the inner flow away.

In case you should be stuck in very difficult circumstances and would like some deeper inspiration, please feel invited to a webinar about this topic. It´s even for free. And if you have very difficult circumstances and/or would love to get  inspiration and support in a small group, my friend Therese Wenk and me, we are offering a 90-day workshop: “Exit.”

May you find endless opportunities, may your life unfold with ease, joy and love.




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