All the wrong places

Love is the question, option and answer

All the wrong places

We´ve been searching in all the wrong places. This goes for everything: Happiness, Love, Fulfillment, Self-Worth, Abundance, Meaning, Direction…

We have been searching on the outside, to make us fulfilled on the inside. But it will never work this way. We have been deceived to believe in the upside-down-reflection of true life. True Life comes from the inside and as the result of the overflowing inside it is spreading out into the world.

If you believe a spiritual master holds your truth you are wrong. He is speaking his truth and only when this rings true within yourself, it has any worth for your journey. Therefore you have to be connected with your own truth and wisdom, to have inspiring conversations. I myself find inspiration everywhere. Sometimes people, not spiritual and aware at all, are simply talking to their dog while I come along, but there´s a message for me in it. The awakened ones find the outer reflection of the inner wisdom and beauty everywhere.

But when we have no connection to our inner source, we will run after illusion, after illusion, after illusion.

How can I know? Because I did it.

  • I´ve been fooled by a conman, feeling so happy with him, as I didn´t understand that it was my beautiful ability to love that fulfilled me and not his lies.
  • I´ve been following spiritual teachers who just wanted me to follow their truth, buy their products, or sell them for them.
  • I spent my time with wrong friends, not understanding that I was holding all I needed within me.
  • I tried to earn money, to prove my worth to people who will never see any in me, not understanding that all abundance lies within me.
  • I´ve been searching peoples approval, while all it needed was mine.
  • When I was younger, I felt always stressed and been running like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, a slave to the clock, always late. One  day I realized that a heart-attack won´t get things done. I stopped running and never missed anything of importancy since then. Instead I found I am having access inside of me to all the ages, past, present and future…all one.

And not only did I think others could give me what I was lacking, but as an empath I tried to fulfill all the demands on the outside, everyone wanting my time, money, attention, energy and approval…cause I thought I can make people happy, when giving them what they were looking for. Until I realized that I can´t.

All I can do is, remind people, that they hold it within. And that is a truth more precious than what is sold on all the markets and in all the tempels. But it is not what they want to hear, so they run to the next one, to fulfill their dreams.

I could keep on, but I am sure you get the the message. Cause see, whenever we run after outside sources, we will get corrupted. We will compromize ourselves, to fit into others circles, follow their demands and rules. And when the illusion becomes obvious we might blame them, while they just did the same. They thought our money, friendship, attention or devotion could make them important or powerful. And it can´t. It´s all just delusional and will sooner or later fall to pieces.

This is a time where many of the lies will be seen, where a lot of the people and institutions will show their true colours, and people will be really, really shocked. But this is also the time for those, that have access to their hearts, to feel within and navigate savely through every storm, to shine their inner light and beauty, and bring forth gifts that they didn´t know themselves that they have.

When things get intense, this is not to punish you, but you will be given a lot of opportunities to chose what your values are and where you are searching for your truth.

May you live from the inside out and shine, bloom and blossom.


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