Walking the EmPath instead in Circles

Love is the Key

Walking the EmPath instead in Circles

When the end of a year comes close we tend to take a look back and hereby see the bigger picture. That´s why I actually enjoy this time of the year. I love to see the bigger picture.

For me, 2018 has been a year of unbecoming, what I am not. I had to shed illusions and concepts and gained clarity, insights, and freedom.

I realized how much effort has been made by people to get me into their systems. And how all these circles and systems are an expression of closed minds and regulations. How much they express the past of humanity, as they are all hierarchical and exclusive.

It´s a fact that these systems or circles are all consuming and against life. Life wants to express and expand. Systems need you to obey their regulations, as they can only function properly when the ones in it obey the restrictions and laws of this system. Every system protects itself by attacking and excluding the ones that do not fit in. I certainly never will. Systems don´t want evolution but need you to run in circles and keep the system alive.

I´m not about repetitions. If things or people don’t evolve, I let them be. 

What I am doing at the moment: I have started to write a book with my friend and colleague Therese Wenk. It´s titled “Ano & Maly” and you can find short snippets on Facebook. It would make sense to start with the oldest stories and to follow the page to be informed about new stories when they are out.

I´ve decided that there are enough free monthly Rose Touch sessions out on YouTube. Every Rose Touch holds a huge variety of energies, you can tune in, again and again, as often as you wish, you´ll always receive what is appropriate at the moment, it´s all stored for you in the quantum space, waiting until you come and pick it up. 

My free time is very limited, so I will not spend it on repetitions but make the best use out of it by assisting as many people as possible to evolve, to also live their gifts. Therefore I have created a new YouTube Channel: TheEmpath. Empathic people are the remedy for the narcissistic world we live in. But most of them suffer under their conditions and need to find their own balance to make the best out of their gifts. Any healed empath is bringing healing and balance to this world, so I think this is a good project for 2019.

I wish all of you that you find your gift, healing, and happiness in this year of many changes, that 2019 is going to be. The divine is always assisting you and working in your favor, so let go with ease and welcome the change that is necessary for our happy future.

Shine your precious lovelight <3


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