Manifestation: Just don´t prevent it

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Manifestation: Just don´t prevent it

The most important rule when it comes to manifestation is that we shall seek to not prevent it, as to prevent manifestation is the number one reason why we are not successful.

The most important rule when it comes to manifesting is: Don´t doubt it!

So how do we prevent it? It´s always our thoughts. They lead to emotions that are not in alignment with the manifestation. We have all these assumptions in our head, all these programs and believes, that make us think we can not do it.

Lately, I had a good laugh with a friend. She was telling me since a while that she is not good when it comes to manifestation, although she has the deep inner knowing she can do it. Well, when we had a talk, she told me about an awesome experience that she has had, one of a million she was having. Very unusual stuff, that she experiences against all odds. I stared at her and started giggling. I said: “Do you realize what a great manifestor you are? But usually, you don’t put it in your bank account. Money is the only thing you are not so good at, until now. All else you are manifesting totally easy. And what you manifest, money can not buy at all.

And that´s just true for most people. To manifest in Euro and Dollar is easy to be seen and the “success” can be counted. So we focus on it and don´t get it if we manifest directly.

A few weeks ago a relative had to stay in hospital for two nights. When she checked in she realized she will not be able to sleep with others in the same room and asked what a single room would cost extra. 120€, but there was no free single room at the moment. My relative said to me, that she´s angry at herself for not thinking about it before. I jumped in immediately and said: “There´s no use in feeling bad about it now. I hope you´ll not have to return here soon, but you know it now for the next time. And I distracted her from her thought-process, what isn’t that difficult, as she doesn’t hang around with negative thoughts for a long time anyway. Well she´s been in a room for three and the other two ladies were very nice, one of them a nurse herself, so my relative thought that she has good luck with her room-mates. Well the next day, both of the other ladies left the hospital, one of them late in the afternoon. A new nurse came to work and in the first moment we thought her to be a tough nut. Someone with a negative mindset might have been in trouble with that lady soon, but we were both nothing but lovely and gentle with her. So when the nurse came to remove the one bed, she said: “Well, I guess I have to see how to sort the patients in the rooms.” By saying this she winked at me. Well, my relative had the 3 person bedroom for herself that night. If she would have found 120 bucks on the street, everybody would have called her lucky, but she has found the equivalent of 120 euro, plus a room big enough to dance in it, with a nice view, as an extra.

A few days later I had to travel by train on a Monday morning. That´s when usually the trains are overly full. So I was trying to book a seat reservation, with the help of my relative, showing me how to use an app to pick your seat. I said to her: “Take a look if you can find a single seat.” She said: “They are normally taken.” Please take a look in the other wagons.” She scrolled through the plan of the train until she finally reached the other end, where I normally never enter, but there was a wagon with lots of single seats, all in a row. My relative said “They must be first class” and my mind said: “I want these.” My relative mumbled: “Well that´s strange, you can book it, although you have a second class ticket. Maybe an error in the app.” “Well, let´s take it anyway, it´s what I want, I´ll see tomorrow how come they offered it.” What shall I say? It´s not to be explainable for the mind, but it´s been an old-fashioned first class wagon, with a sign “2nd class” on it. Normally that´s simply impossible.

But my impossible changes in I´m possible.

It would at least have cost me 50 euro more to really buy a first class ticket. And here again, I received more than I would have by finding 50 bucks on the street and using them for the train. While that journey I have to change trains and found it always hard to take the stairs with the heavy baggage and asked my relative about it, who also didn´t know another possibility to change platforms. Well, as I entered the train on the other end, I found myself in front of a nice moving stairway when I had to change platforms. When I took it, it was leading me to an area with little shops for drinks and food and another moving stairway onto my new platform. There I found that the train before mine has had a terrible delay and would leave five minutes before the other. Everyone took the first train, hurried and stressed and squeezing themselves in an overly crowded train. I decided to wait 5 minutes and entered an almost empty train, where I could choose my seat and had plenty of room.

So my observation is that when we do not get the money, it might be to deliver our wants and needs in a much better version. In both cases, it’s been a perfect choice, that we couldn’t even know was possible. And in both cases, negative thinking would have prevented us from receiving our nice manifestations. Don´t assume what´s available or even possible. Don´t limit yourself.

Everyone is able to manifest. All that get´s in the way are we ourselves. Or more precisely: What we allow to be in our heads, as normally we have this negative mindset being programmed into us. It might be quite a journey to deprogram us. It takes discipline to observe us, our patterns and to make different choices what to think. In the end, it is the emotional response to these thoughts, that sends out the energetic vibration, which is attracting your manifestations. So if you can not stop the negative thoughts, you might try to simply watch these thoughts and to not energetically hook in, to not emotionally react to them. Let them come and go, like rain-clouds moving by, but don´t allow them to rain on your parade.

Try to change your perspective. Find examples where you did manifest. Even if you would find that you have manifested something unpleasant, even that is proof that you hold these abilities, also. You can do it. Don´t doubt it!

Wishing all of you awesome results and nice adventures. Take good care.


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