Month: March 2019

Love is the Key

The Compassion Compass

New Episode of the Empath out on YouTube. I´m sharing my insights about the emotional evolution, seeing compassion as the next step on the path.

The Painful Truth about Love

I remember the sobering moment when I knew: “You don´t love me. You love how you feel around me. Your love will stop the moment I stop doing services.” The truth will set us free.

The EmPath – All you need is Love

In this episode I am encouraging you to follow your inner guiding light, as we didn’t come here to suffer or to adjust to distortion, but to deliver our Lovelight.

The problem isn´t the problem

To find the solution is the only reason why our problems show up in our life. But the
problem with our problems is that we see them as problems, while they are just the initiator of our solutions.