The problem isn´t the problem

Love is the Key

The problem isn´t the problem

To find the solution is the only reason why our problems show up in our life. But the
problem with our problems is that we see them as problems, while they are just the initiator of our solutions.

To give you a few examples:

  • We suffer from poverty, to learn about and create abundance.
  • We witness or suffer from illnesses, to learn about healing.
  • We experience conflict, to value and create peace.

We have to face the unwanted, to search for the wanted. And here, the problem with the problem already starts. Look at the “unwanted” with a different attitude. Understand how it serves you and honor that it showed up in your life.

The second problem with the problem is that we think we did something wrong, that the problem showed up because we are somehow “punished” by a higher force. We are not! We are dearly loved and our lives (and the issues we have to face) are an expression of a loving and expanding universe. Our problems don’t show up because we are punished, but because we opted in to be one of the pathfinders towards solutions.

The third problem with the problem is that we are hypnotized by it, like a rabbit by a snake. We are obsessed with the problem and our minds are running in circles, often causing more problems like bad sleep, health, mood etc.. So we make the problem grow and grow and grow, because seen from an energetically standpoint we are feeding the problem instead the solution.

How do I know these things? Well, because I had to face so many problems that I became an expert on solutions. People come to me to get a different point of view and a different vibration, seen from an energetical standpoint. Having had a lot of problems taught me to become an expert on solutions. And I understood how problems work in general.

So, as the same is true for you, try to make things work for you instead of against you. If you have an issue you might try to find the hidden benefit. You might find out, why you agreed to face this problem on your life path. If you assume you have agreed on it, why would you have done that? And why might it be that you are the perfect person for that? What skills do you have? Maybe not even being aware that you have them. Often an issue shows up, so we become aware of our skills. Our problems often try to push us outside of our comfort zone into a place we wouldn’t otherwise dare going to.

To sum it up:

  • Your problem is here to assist you in creating a solution.
  • It doesn´t show up, because you are “not good enough”, but because the universe insists you are the perfect match to create a solution.
  • If a special topic is showing up, again and again, it´s not to punish you, but to make you an expert in this field.
  • Change your point of view and energetic vibe, to create the solution.

Wishing all of you beautiful solutions with joy, fun and much love.


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