Never follow someone else’s truth

Love is the Key

Never follow someone else’s truth

The map for our own journey can never be given by someone else. That´s why we have to stop being followers and dare making our own mistakes.

Why do we follow others at all?

In my life there had been two reasons why I accepted what others said to be true.

  1. I thought they might be smarter, wiser, have a better education, are experts on their field etc. pp. But truth is that their field is their field and not our own. What´s working for them might not be the right thing for us to do.
  2. I tried to avoid mistakes, failures and pain. But my Soul was wise enough to choose sometimes very difficult circumstances, so I had to experience mistakes, failures and pain. And my Soul didn’t do this because I´m not good enough or out of bad Karma or any other esoteric nonsense. My Soul did it, because she knew these circumstances would serve me best. That I would extract my true self trough the process of my experiences. She also did it, because she knew my strength, even if I didn’t believe in it.

So the reasons why I used to put others above me, had been a low self worth and a lack of trust in my Souls Journey. And the reason why I share this is, that this is true for most people.

So please dare to follow your own path. Make mistakes, but don´t feel bad about them. Embrace your failures and your pain, as this will be the smoothest way to grow.

One big mistake on my journey was to believe others know better. Notice that there is the word lie in believe. And the other mistake was that I didn’t see why others did pick on me for my mistakes. It’s not been because they are so smart and I am so dumb. It’s been because they had to feel superior, they tried to bring me down, on the level where their own self-worth was residing.

Others solutions for our problems

We all know the solutions to other people’s problems. Because we are not standing in their shoes. Their tasks are not ours. If we see that someone is about to make a mistake, we may tell them our observation, to offer them a choice. But if they keep on and make that mistake they might have needed it. Why? Because there is a huge difference between following someone else’s truth and having tested something and found it to be true for us. The first thing is providing mental knowledge, but to have made the experience is a truth much deeper rooted, it´s wisdom. One can not learn wisdom from books or by following someone else. Wisdom can only be found in the alignment of the experience with the truth of our own heart.

Is there a way to avoid failures, mistakes and pain?

Yes and no. You can try and stop living. Stay in your comfort zone, having a zombie-life. Many do this, but it’s, of course, the major mistake we can make.

But we can dare living, making mistakes and try to avoid unnecessary repetitions. We do it by embracing our lessons, by not feeling bad and guilty about our mistakes (and not allowing others to pump up their ego, by bringing us down). If we allow us to make mistakes and to look at them long enough to gain wisdom, there´ll be no need for repetitions.

And allow everybody to inspire you. I´ve done this all my life. I am an expert in finding the information I need myself in this moment. People around me highly benefit from this ability. I´m like a truffle pig for information. It´s because I follow the flow of energy, it´s always leading me perfectly. And it´s because I see everyone as capable of holding and delivering wisdom. So everybody gives me some inspiration.

I have caught myself lately twice that I almost didn’t listen to a source of information, as some people I know wouldn’t listen to that. It would have been a mistake and it´s been what inspired me to write this article.

It is my profession to assist others in finding their solutions in life. I know I am good in what I do and it is because of my own mistakes. And it´s because I honor everyone’s journey and I know everyone is capable. No one is above me, no one is below me. We all carry some pieces of wisdom and by exchanging them, if wanted, we can expand in the most beautiful way.

Find your own path. Much love on your journey.


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