Living the own values

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Living the own values

To live life according to the own values is going to be a huge topic over the next few years on the collective level. It´s to be seen in the astrology, with Uranus in Taurus, plus Pluto in Capricorn.

Values and the connection to our own self-worth have been a huge topic in my life. My last book would be titled “Values – The change is we” (but it´s only available in German). It´s been a nice coincident to have German as my mothers’ language, as in German the connection between inner values and your outer net-worth is obvious. Also the connection between feeling guilty and being in debt. What is true. One mirrors the other. Being born in Frankfurt, the money-capitol of Germany and later the EU, is seen in hindsight, another cosmic joke. Cause money in itself did never hold any value for me. I knew all my life one big truth.

Money is printed paper and in this world we are rewarded for the corruption of our own true values.

And this is what is going to change over the next years. It has to, because the insanity of our values and actions will otherwise be the downfall of humanity.

In this book, that I have mentioned, I have written that there is not one truth and that there are no rules how we have to live, as it is the personal choice of every single individual. But that we have to express our own values in our outer actions. That we do not need governments and politicians to change our society. Because if we live in alignment with our values, that’s the most democratic thing we can do. It mirrors the collective. And politicians and big corporations will have to follow the crowd, as they are carried by the masses, not the other way around.

There are two big problems, that we have to face.

  1. The masses allow the asses to lead them.
  2. The mind-behavior-gap

To be lead by asses

People are so deeply unsure that they believe the lie that others know better. So they follow the boss hoss and do not have the stamina to follow their own inner truth, instead of a leader or the peer-pressure. The Root of that behavior is the “not good enough”, lack of self-worth topic, described in my latest article.

The mind-behaviour-gap

We say, think, believe to hold a value. But our actions tell another story. We say we want peace, but feed conflict. We say we want healthy, organic food, but buy cheap poisoned stuff. And the reason for the gap is that we say what we think we should value and the truth of our unconscious pattern, that has more to do with survival-mode, what is the lack-consciousness again.

How to overcome this?

The way to overcome it: Finding the own, personal inner truth and living in alignment with it. I have to chuckle because it is so simple that it can be expressed in one sentence. But to live it, that’s a totally different story.

I found that I have to. So I managed the first half of the sentence and I am assisting others to do so. But with the second part of the sentence, acting in alignment with my inner truth, I find this to be sometimes way more challenging. But the inner alignment over time will make sure that we live what we truly value.

An example, out of personal experience

I had to travel with an aching foot and needed something for dinner. Because of my pain, I wanted to spare me the extra-mile and entered a fast-food-chain, although it doesn’t match my values. But I don’t like pain, so I thought that I would act against my values, just because it is much easier to put them aside in this case. But something strange happened. When I entered the restaurant it smelled like a cesspit. I wondered how people could sit there and eat, with that horrible malodor. I looked around if anyone seems to notice it too and was trying to figure out if there was a toilet nearby that caused the stench. Not at all. Instead, I was given a clear sign. My eyes fell on a staff member, standing in a door. And on that door there was a sign, that should prevent visitors to enter the room with materials. The writing on the sign said: “Not a toilet. Stay out.” While I decided to cross the restaurant to take the exit on the other side of the room, I found the stench to be everywhere. Because it’s not been from a toilet. My subconscious gave me a clear sign to not have dinner at that place.

It’s not comfortable to live according to the own values. It might be painful even. Or lonely. People might think you are crazy and you might doubt yourself a lot on that path. But it is the only path into the future. It is the only path where we will be in peace with us.

It’s an individual path

And by the way, just in case I didn’t make this clear. This is an individual path, there are no absolutes. There is one danger I see in the energetics. People will try to convince others, even in a forceful way, to live their values. But there is only one person that has to live to our own values, and that is the one in front of the mirror. Noone standing in alignment with the own truth will need anyone else to do the same. What is true to me, has not to be true to you at all. What was true for me 10 years ago, may not suit me any longer today. But if we live in alignment with our own values, we will end conflict and poverty. Because the war and the lack on the outside are a mirror of our inner state of being. We can not afford it to ignore this any longer.

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