Transcending Time – The Saturnian Gate

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Transcending Time – The Saturnian Gate

In this world, all seems to be ruled by time. Our society is only possible to function through precise measurements of time. How should people otherwise be able to find agreements for meetings, if they wouldn´t define the right point in time? Even if we are people with a more spiritual point of view, the moment we want to meet, for a Skype-Session for example, we have to use a scheduling system to make things work.

But while a clock may be a practical tool, we can become a slave to it, always running, always stressed. Many people suffer from this condition, always having to hurry to be “in time”. Most people find they do not have enough time.

It´s interesting, that there is a saying in the modern business world “Time is money”. While businessmen may or may not believe in Astrology, time and money are both ruled by the Planet Saturn. Saturn doesn´t have the best reputation in Astrology, as he delivers hardships, obstacles, and restrictions.

Well, I am a double Capricorn and this sign is “ruled by Saturn”. Plus he´s got a difficult position in my birth chart and yes, he gifted me loads and loads of difficulties. A lot of them had to do with lack of time or money. Cause Lack, or the belief in lack, is why he is stressing people.

Truth is that his distorted expression, whoever did create it, is the prison system, that is often referred to as “the Matrix”. And the truth is that it isn´t easy to get out of it. First thing is not to believe in the system. If you refuse to be a Slave, no one, not even Saturn, is able to be your Master. Time (and matter) is flexible. If you ever look death (also a Saturnian figure) in the eye, a second may stretch itself endlessly. Or time may even stand still. But you do not have to get into extreme situations, to experience the flexibility of time. If you find back to natural harmony, the flow of life is unfolding with ease and grace.

As I had booked extra-lessons in Saturnian energy, I studied him quite intensely. And realized that we misunderstand him quite often. He is the one to make sure that things happen in a special order. We have to accomplish a and b first, to make c show up in our life. Trouble is that we, as humans, have totally lost our feeling for the right timing and natural unfoldment of things. Trouble is our controlling nature, trying to force things unnaturally.

The order of things by unfoldment of time is a special condition of the earth in the 3rd density. When we are leaving, what we call the material world, things are way more flexible and floating. If you enter other dimensions, it´s more like Alice in Wonderland. People that are working a lot in the transcendental realms are therefore often people that are a bit confused and “all-over-the-place”, as they have sometimes trouble to re-adjust in this reality. If you are one of them, try to befriend Saturn, this might help, to get your feet on the ground, so to speak.

So it´s funny, that the planet that gave me so many hardships, seen in hindsight, was perfect for me, as I am also working much on the astral and other dimensions. Saturn gifted me the ability to be transcendental AND very grounded and real at once. I really appreciate that now, as I understand that I chose him as a teacher for good reasons. It is also been Saturn who gifted me the ability to see the order behind things, that seems to happen randomly. Cause this is what is Saturns specialty and his “job”. In his undistorted, natural form he´s the one that lets things evolve and unfold by perfect timing. He directs your feet to go step-by-step, make one step after the after, in their natural rhythm. If we refuse to follow this order, we end with our face in the mud. And may blame Saturn for it.

I did. A lot. Because I am stubborn and Saturn is a relentless teacher. I have referred to him before as an old Zen-Master, making you carry water and climbing hills. You may think he bullies you arround and start to hate him. But truth is, he knows he needs to train you, to be strong enough, as he knows what is waiting for you, when time is ripe.

Problem is that we experience the energies of Saturn in a very distorted way because we thought we can control the natural unfoldment. We wanted to become more effective, make more out of our limited time and wanted to make more money. By the way, Saturn is the ruler of matter, not of money. It is our distortion that we believe money, to be all that matters. That´s when we become a slave to the system and run in an endless vicious cicles of distortion. Never having enough time and money.

You may ask now how one transcends time. Well, as always the solution is quite easy, just the implementing in your own personal life may be not.

Stop being the slave of time. Start to reconnect with the rhythm of things, unfolding naturally. You may use breathing-techniques to become one with the natural flow. Don´t fight time, don´t try to escape and “bliss out”. Become present in the here and now, without having any attachments, how, when, why and what has to happen. And when you have found perfect balance between the eternal and the now-moment, miracles will happen. Coincidences, showing you the perfect path towards your most beautiful future, that you don´t know now. And that you would never reach by forcing it.

Saturn is the last gate to the transcendental and you have to learn his lessons, time & matter, to be able to navigate with ease between this reality and the beyond.

I wish you safe travels and great adventures along your path, unfolding in perfect harmony.


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