A Capricornian Cornucopia

Love is the Key

A Capricornian Cornucopia

Today is the Moon Eclipse in Capricorn and while watching nature, I was gifted with some insight and wisdom, that I would like to share.

The ruler of Capricorn is Saturn, who is currently visiting his home and he´s having a guest with him, Pluto. Some see this in quite dark colors. Saturn as the grim reaper accompanied by the hell dog Pluto. They are not unless you make them so in your own life, as you are the creator of your experience.

Those who can not face those both energetic archetypes will be in big trouble the next time plus they´ll never find their true essence and light, if not able to welcome and integrate the shadows. And one will never find the ability to create if not knowing how to end things properly. As we are at the cusp of another era and we need as many conscious creators as possible, I count on you when sharing my Capricornian Cornucopia.

Saturn is ruling time and space and matter. But he wouldn´t be able to start a new cycle if he didn´t have Pluto with him, who is highly transformative. Cause see it´s easy to kill, every idiot can do this and the word ill is even in the killing. It´s so easy to destroy, but it needs huge wisdom and love to transmute and create things.

Some people destroy and kill so easily, cause they have no innerstanding of the cycles and the unfoldment of time. I´ve written an article about time, that you can find here. Those that are destroyers, can not create, as they lack some important lessons in life.

If we want to move on, we have to let go of things, people, circumstances, places, belongings, attitudes, points of view, etc. pp. So the first lesson is to overcome the virus of lack, that is making you hold onto things that are no longer useful and needed. The other is to have trust in your strength and creativity, as you will be able to seed and nurture the new.

But when you end the old cycle, please do not just try to get rid of the old. Don´t kill your past, cause in this way she will become your future. A vicious cycle of repetition, as the lesson isn´t learned. And the reason is that we have to reap the old with love, gratitude, and much innerstanding. We have to value the old before we can let go of it. If you are not one with life, you will not be able to offer a smooth transition to the being who´s life you are taking. The indigenous people knew that. We kill only if necessary and with much gratitude and love in your heart, connected with the essence of “the other”. If we are not grateful, we will not have had the full experience, we will try to kill instead of transmuting the past. There is no death, death isn´t real. There is repetition unless we have changed. And there can not be change until we didn´t find the love and gratitude that is bringing forth the wisdom and love that is needed to seed the new.

Wishing all of you, happy reaping and new seeding. May you find abun dance and plenty, as you are the creator of it.

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Thank you, as my writing is driven by coffee, love, and passion. Keep them alive 😉

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