The pure heart space

Love is the Key

The pure heart space

All of my work is about Love. No, that´s not correct. All of my life is about Love. It always was. Even in the moments when I felt desperate, alone, shattered, abused and abandoned. My Soul had chosen this path of contrast to find the deep healing and innerstanding, that I was looking for.

I have experienced so much and it has gifted me with deep inner wisdom, but still, there´s so much more to explore. There´s no end to this journey of the Soul.

One of the most important abilities is to always follow our own inner truth, while always being able and willing to question it. Not to prove ourselves wrong but to expand the viewpoint, until we are able to go beyond duality and linearity.

A few days ago I was listening to Chris Geo, from “Beyond the Veil”, when he said something that is of course known to me, that the heart-space is sacred and holy. He then added that we shall keep this space free from all other influences and be careful to not let anyone in there. It went against all that I was taught the last few thousand years. But it rang true. As “a healer of hearts” I am reminding people to come back to their pure essence…and the heart is the gate, so to speak. An interesting question occurred to me: Why would we hand the keys to the gate of our own Kingdom/Queendom to others? Why have we been taught to worship others, to give up on ourselves? Why would we make our most personal space become a public area?!

I decided to use a process that I have learned from George Kavassilas and that I have explored a lot over the last few months. It´s called “Closure” and is bringing unconscious aspects and Soul Contracts into the own awareness, to distill the wisdom out of it and become a conscious and sovereign Creator again. As you can imagine this is fitting quite well into my tool-box and I decided to make a clean-up in my heart-space, using this process. When I waited who would show up to be sent out I didn´t expect what I had to face: Endless streams of people leaving my space. Everyone who was near and dear while my journey, even the ones that had turned out to have been hidden foes, they all have had a place in my heart-space. It really made sense now, to clean this space up. One person hesitated: “Me too? Are you sure?” Tears were running down my face when I looked my twin flame in the eyes and answered: “Yes. Even you!” When I watched everyone leave, I started to doubt myself a little bit, when suddenly a strange detail occurred: Elvis Presley started to sing a song: “Burning Love”. Shifted the whole energy, LOL! You can´t make up that stuff! There´s always a funny detail and twist showing up.

When I ended the process, ready to be al(l)one, with myself, my twin showed up again in front of me: “Well done!” and tenderly and proudly hugged me.

  • No one else can make us complete, they will just deplete us.
  • No one else can be our god, they will just make us a slave in their empire.
  • No one else can make us whole, they will just make us feel like a black hole, never fulfilled.

To really get this is a game-changer. I´ve had a difficult day today, nevertheless, I felt in perfect Love and Peace when sitting in the Tram on my way home. Since I am the only one owning my heart-space I feel even way more connected to all people I love. Suddenly someone showed up on the astral, someone who I know is convinced I have what he needs. I was very gentle, but also very assertive when I told him he has to find it on his own inside. That I can inspire him, but he can not consume me to become it, it doesn´t work that way.

I realized that this had been the reason why I had attracted all of these abusive people all my life. I have held the biggest treasure possible, the innocent heart. No one can take that, although they will try. This is a consuming world we are experiencing now, but Love is from our home, that´s why it´ll stay pure in its core, always and forever.

Innocence is Love, without any hidden agenda, but Love itself.

Natalie Esser

When I came home, I sat down to watch the Tarot-Reading of my dear friend and colleague, Therese Wenk, that she recorded for tomorrow: You wouldn´t believe it, but all that I have described is in it, including the “Burning Love”! It´s awesome how she is in tune and how we are all connected. She speaks about how to free ourselves from abusive energy. You can watch it here and get inspired, to free yourself, to fully be your self. Pure, whole, peaceful….in Love with yourself and all your experiences.

Lots of Love

from Natalie


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