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Diving deep and finding treasures

In case you have been wondering why I´ve been not very present in the public in 2019, today the mystery gets unveiled. I´ve not offered public group sessions, webinars, etc. for quite a while now. What´s been the reason?

Well, I´ve been really busy evolving myself and have been diving deep into my own Souls Journey. Today I´ll share a treasure I´ve found along my path. I´ve been spending a lot of my time learning about a process, called Closure. This process has been created by George Kavassilas a few years ago. He couldn´t find a proper and effective method that would assist him to overcome trauma and hindering life obstacles. George has created what he needed and is now teaching it to others, including me.

I found this process quite effective and it gave me another perspective on some areas of my own life. After I have tried this method out for many, many different topics and circumstances I have decided to add it to my own toolbox and to offer Closure-Sessions to my clients.

Directly working on the Soul Level

Closure can be used for all kinds of circumstances, as it is working on the level of Soul agreements, which is another name for the contracts behind our relationships. This can be real relationships with other people, but also with archetypes or the spirit of a building, a company etc. pp. So in case you have a topic in your life, where you feel stuck and want to move ahead this method might be very interesting and beneficial for you.

I have recently recorded a video on Soul Contracts that might give you an idea of how these agreements work:

Assisting your Closure Process

As I want to gain as many experiences as possible with this process and as I see Closure as an important tool on the souls’ journey, I will offer to facilitate the Closure process with special conditions.

  • If you book your Closure Session until the 10th of December 2019, the fee will be only 120 € per Session or 300 € for a package of 3 Sessions. Plus I would be very happy to receive a testimonial on how this process did work out for you.
  • The Sessions take place via Skype. I would suggest that you plan to not be disturbed for at least 2 hours, so you will have a bit extra time to integrate after our meeting.
  • It needs also the understanding on your side, that you are fully responsible for yourself and that you take ownership of your creations in life. In this way the process will work out very effectively.
  • Another factor that I see as crucial is your willingness and ability to allow the feelings that show up while the session. I will offer you the best circumstances and assistance possible. The heart-core-connection is my specialty, but the process has to take place within you. It needs your own engagement in this to gain the most beautiful results.

If the above really speaks to you, I´d be very happy and honored to facilitate your personal Closure Process. If you follow the link you can schedule our appointment:

Have a great time and injoy life.


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