Twisted responsibility

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Twisted responsibility

It´s a strange world we live in. Some people feel responsible for the whole world, while others do not even care for their own stuff. And they both make a twisted kind of match, co-creating a twisted responsibility.

When looking at the victims of abuse of any kind, there´s been one thing that I found really stunning: The victim carried the shadow of the abuser! And while you find tons of victims in every therapist´s or healer’s office, you´ll not find many criminals searching for help. The victim may try to change, but the wrongdoer normally doesn´t. They just try to not be held accountable.

As an example: When there´s sexual abuse happening, the victim may have feelings like shame, guilt and being somehow dirty or unworthy. What is totally twisted, as these feelings are exactly those that the abuser is denying to own.

Well, we might blame religions and cultural backgrounds for this. The whole Christian religion is based on the idea, that the man on the cross died for the sins of others. The biggest idea of sacrifice ever. And so very convenient for all evil spirits out there. Judaism is working with scapegoats that are killed or sent out into the wild. After that, the community can feel at peace and keep on with their unchanged normal. But the truth is that these religious distortions can only occur in a world that is living these twisted ideas. A world that is so afraid of guilt that people take no ownership whatsoever for their actions. And a world that is therefore never changing. A world that every one of us is co-recreating day by day. And yes, I´m aware that this is including me.

The good people are enabling the crime

The people with good intentions and loving hearts have always taken care of themselves, for the whole community and even for the wrongdoers. It´s part of the Christian culture and also a state of mind in the lightworker community. But the one that is overly responsible is making it very easy for the one that couldn´t care less.

Where I live, there is a nice Rosegarden nearby. This place is also used by young people in the evenings. I cannot count how often I have picked up some garbage that they throw around. Or how often I saw others cleaning up this space. Or finally, the public services are doing it, which means that the collective pays for it. I realized those irresponsible trash-throwing people find a nice, clean space for their booze every evening. No wonder they feel so at home. Maybe their moms still clean their rooms. They´ll never learn responsibility in this way. It´s a small example, but you can use it for all kinds of problems:

The banksters that did sell the crappy papers didn´t lose their homes in 2008.

The ones making money by selling plastic bottles for a few pennies are not the ones that are cleaning up the oceans.

And yes, you might say that´s what karma is for, but there are a lot of people that manage to not pay their prize…until now. I know it, cause I met some people who are as malevolent and sneaky as a few hundred or even thousands of years ago. And they´re well and thriving, while others pay the price. So maybe karma is another invention to keep the sheeps calm when going to the butcher.

The illusion of punishment and reward

Cause the real BS is that we believe in punishment and reward. But that isn´t at all how the universe is working. Human society is pretending to work that way. And as it does often lack any form of real justice, it had to invent concepts of heavenly rewards or karma.

The way I observe it: In a dualistic universe, things have to be balanced out. How that takes place isn´t the business of the universe. And some people have found out about that long time ago. As long as someone is tidying up this space, doing the work, paying the price, the ones not willing to take responsibility will have their party for free.

And the really bad news is, that the ones that try to take care of someone else´s responsibility, keep this twisted game alive.

It´s not enough to clean up the oceans or heal the traumatized people when we allow the ones that create the problem to keep on. So what to do? If people are not willing to be responsible out of own integrity we have to be willing to hand them back their stuff.


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