Heart´n Soul goes Podcast

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Heart´n Soul goes Podcast

This blog is now also a podcast

Hi dear ones, I´m happy to introduce the Heart´n Soul Podcast, that´ll make it smooth and easy for you to get inspired, even when you are not in front of a computer screen.

I´ve done a writer’s podcast with two other authors back in 2013, so this isn´t totally new to me. But this time, I´ve got no support for the technical side of it, so I hope you´ll bear with me in case the sound isn´t that perfect. The content will make up for my technical shortcomings 😉

The reason why Heart´n Soul goes podcast is that I love to explore new territory and I hope you´ll enjoy listening in, while you navigate through daily life. A podcast makes it very convenient to choose your best time to listen and people listen to podcasts everywhere. while doing dishes, driving in their car or while sitting in a plane. Well, and people are different: some people love to read blog articles, others enjoy it more to listen to the material. And some love both. So, I´ll give it a try and I´m sure it´ll be a lot of fun.

You can follow my podcast here: https://anchor.fm/s/11f25ab0/podcast/rss

When you follow the rss, you´ll be informed when a new episode is out. And you can send me messages with your comments, ideas and questions. I´ll include it in one of the coming episodes, to make this an interactive but also personal experience for you.

You don´t have to create an anchor account, that´s just my hosting platform. The Heart´n Soul Podcast is already to be found on Spotify and will soon be available in iTunes and Google Podcast and all the other huge platforms.

Lot´s of Love and a huge hug from


And the first episode is out: https://anchor.fm/natalie-esser/episodes/New-Beginnings-e9ttb6#=


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