The real falling from grace

Love is the question, option and answer

The real falling from grace

Most people see spirituality as something that is a niche. As something that the whoo-whoo weirdos speak about and practice. So when I tell them that I am a spiritual adviser, they think I´m the queen of whoo-whoo-land. Nope. I´m a very practical person. Spirituality has nothing to do with escapism.

Spirituality is about the spirit, that lives in all things. You´ll better be connected to your own Soul no matter what area of life we are speaking about. It doesn’t matter if we decide what business we want to work in, where we want to live, how we go about our relationships and how we deal with family issues. It can not be excluded from any area of our life. It doesn´t matter if you wonder if you shall adopt a dog or if you have to face health issues. Whatever life throws at you and challenges you with -we deal with it much better, when we act out of the union with your own essence.

And that´s really important to innderstand. Spirituality is not about someone else´s rules and answers. Rules are only necessary for people who have lost their soul’s connection. And the answers of other people may or may not inspire you, but your answers have to be yours, not someone else´s. Life is about you – and you. No matter the topic. Whatever you do in life, it should express your own being. Your Soul should be in all that you do. The dress that you choose, the song that you sing when you peel potatoes, the business you are trying to build, the way you treat your mate. You should be in all of it. Not to forget the way you treat yourself, as this is where we might lack awareness of our Soul the most – otherwise we wouldn´t have any issues anyways. Not because life wouldn´t challenge us any longer, but because we wouldn´t suffer. It´s our loss of connection to our own essence that makes life so painful.

Ad so we heal when we remember what we all knew before we forgot: That nothing would exist if it wouldn´t be spirited. Even technical intelligence has awareness. The ghost in the machine is real. Try it out and talk to it 😉

We can not compart-mentalise life in areas that have to do with our soul and that are spirited and areas that are not. Spirit lives in all and everything. Even the dirt of the earth is alive, vibrant and spirited with a stunning variety…of spirits, expressing themselves.

And the funny thing is that we as humans have forgotten this. To have lost our own connection to all that is alive is for me the real falling from grace, the real loss of paradise. Leaving ourselves. That´s why people think they have to find time to be spiritual, while the truth is that you can not be not connected with all that exists. You can not lose it. All we did loose was our awareness of spirit living inside of us and of all else.

May you express the infinite love and beauty of your Soul every day in all areas of Life.


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