The freedom of choice

Love is the Key

The freedom of choice

The most dangerous plague on this planet is ideology. It closes the mind. It excludes all information that is not representing the own narrative.

People love narratives and ideologies. It gives them a feeling of safety. I totally get it. We all want safety in our lives., therefore we love to have a narrative that suits us. And we don´t want to feel disturbed by other opinions. Therefore we surround ourselves with like-minded people. And we exclude all people who have a different point of view.

And actually, the last two sentences are not true for me, myself. Not at all. I´ve always had connections to all kinds of people, from all walks of life. I´ve been experiencing power-games on the top of a skyscraper owned by a bank in my hometown Frankfurt and a bit later having a chat with a homeless on the street. I´ve listened to all of them. My diverse experiences and connections are the reason why people come to me when they need advice. Giving all people a safe space to express themselves is the reason why people know they can trust me. Having given all of them this safe space their expression has gifted me with insights, clarity, and compassion.

We all need that safe space where we can be ourselves. This safe space is problematic when there is an ideology, taking away this safe space. I would never take away other people’s right to make own choices. To be able to make these choices people need to collect information. Diverse information. Different points of view. Not just one narrative. And they need the safe space, where they can ponder which of that information is in alignment with their own inner truth. Then their choices will be good for them. They might not be good for someone else, cause everyone has a different path, and needs different experiences.

The reason why people feel like a victim in life is not because of difficult experiences, but because they feel that they didn´t follow their own choices. To have an unpleasant result is much easier when we can own that we created it ourselves. We will learn out of those choices we can own. The reason why people don´t evolve is that they feel they made their choices under pressure of outer ideologies and other people. To take away people’s free choice is, therefore, the most harmful thing you can do, not just on a physical, but also mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

Of course, I have personal opinions. But they aren´t written in stone – and well, even stones change over time. I allow other information to change my point of view. And I´m able to see the validity of different points of view, everyone coming from a different angle or addressing a different layer of an issue.

For example: At the moment people are discussing, and fighting over two very different topics. Some are concerned about health, others about freedom of speech, and personal choices. So when they argue they don´t even speak about the same topic.

I don´t want others to accept my opinion and make it their own. But I will also not allow people to tell me what to write or not write. And I will also not self-censor myself, because it will ruffle some feathers. I´ve done that way too often and way too long in my life. The reason is a simple one: We often give to others, what we wish for ourselves. The freedom of expression and the safe space where we can be ourselves.

I never had the feeling that I have that. Because I allow people with a different opinion in my space. But the last weeks have shown, once again, that people who enjoy my gifts, are not necessarily able to honor my space. Because they use what they hear and read to talk bad about me behind my back and mock me, or, still a bad, but still a better choice, they accuse me directly because my self-expression frightens them. I see their angst. I feel for them. But I can not take it away, by self-censoring me. People who are frightened or feel challenged don´t see things clearly. They follow black´n white thinking. And that doesn´t apply in the current situation. This has nothing to do with the left- or right-wing. As a free soul, I know one has to be balanced and a bird needs both wings to fly. So, I felt to be treated really poorly and been put into one box with people who have very different opinions. And well, I´ve been accused to be both: left and right, and all else. And being the enabler of extremists. The fact, that extremists use the same situation for their ideology can not be an excuse to take away my rights.

I have nothing to do with people who are extremists or who are violent in any form. I don´t want to take away other people’s freedom of choice. Just don´t try to make me obey to your choices. All I am insisting on is that I can speak my mind freely. On FB that´s no longer possible, on YT that´s no longer possible, without experiencing censorship and punishment. But it is possible in my own books and on my own page – here. My space is really my space. If anyone takes away my freedom of speech, that´s a violation of my boundaries and my right as a sovereign being. To be clear: It´s abusive behavior and well, abuse is one of the topics that I came to speak up against. Not to blame the abuser, but to stop the abuse. All shapes and forms of abuse.

And the most important lesson for me was: I will not be complicit in that. I will no longer hold back because others can not deal with me and my opinion. People who act out of fear will always create what they fear. People who act out of love will always create what they love. In my case: Freedom. No one allowed to rule over me, because they believe to “know better”.

My choices are my choices. Although people try to convince themselves that all is perfectly well, that we all will have free choices while refusing all information that questions this narrative. They didn´t feel disturbed by those actions that take away freedom, but by the people who provide the information. Shooting the messenger because not wanting to know what´s in the message. We are no longer free. People all over the planet had to stay in their homes, in some countries they haven´t even been allowed to be with their husband or wife in one car (but being in lock-down with them at the same time). People have not been allowed to spend time in their garden or go to the beach, even when nobody else was close. And the neighbors are spying on people, like in Nazi-Germany to call the officials in case someone doesn´t obey. In New-Zealand, you can not go shopping without using a tracking app. Such an app is in preparation for Germany too. With a marketing campaign, so people will except it. But there´ve been laws changed just in case they don´t accept it. You are free to make the choices the officials want you to make. If you don´t accept the manipulation you´ll be ruled by domination.

I can not go to my working place, see my doctor, or buy bread without suffering from lack of breath, as we all have to wear a muzzle, when coming together with other people, for example in public transportation. So, I make the choice to wear it as seldom as possible and stay away from others. I don´t want to offend and frighten others. But their fear is literally taking my breath. And their choice to wear a mask, makes me an outsider, even if I follow the rules, and being seen as their enemy for even questioning the given orders. The symbolism of the masks is really stunning. All ideologies need people to be the same (what is not possible as we are very diverse beings) or to hide behind a mask.

Fighting others creates revolutions. The “re” explains that the old oppression is reanimated into a new form of oppression. The loop of no evolution. Time to change that.

It´s about time to no longer follow the herd or any leaders. We don´t have to ask others to hand us our freedom. It is our birthright.

Viva la evolution!


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