Follow your “Yes”

Love is the Key

Follow your “Yes”

Challenges lead to choices

2020 is a year of surprises and challenges. And my inner knowing whispers in my ear that there´s even more to come. What isn´t necessarily a bad thing. Many seemingly negative things have a long-term positive effect.

A lot of people had more time to become aware of what´s really important in life. Every crisis offers this moment of truth: Is my life expressing what´s really important to me? If not, why not?

When we ask for the reason our mind often finds excuses. Most of its explanations have to do with outer circumstances. We can not do what we want, because we don´t have the money, we are bound to a job, a place, a partner that do not get along with what we truly want. Is that really the case? Or is it just very convenient to find someone else to blame? To tell us, we have no choice is making life quite convenient. It´s a life of helplessness, of victimhood, but it´s very convenient to be stuck and most people live those lives. It´s “normal”.

Well, people who choose such a “safe” life of limited possibilities always go for the short term benefit. The mind is really good at telling us stories about why we should take the easy road instead of the high road. But the mind is a lier. The risk-free life a) doesn´t exist and b) wouldn´t be worth living.

The hidden fears

The Corona-Situation brought so much hidden stuff to the forefront and made it visible. The fragility of our modern life, that is so disconnected from all that life is really all about. All the neurotic fears. It´s been really stunning, especially when watching the New Age Community. All those people talking Love´n Light and having endless stories about all of their past life, suddenly did piss their pants, when the now life seemed to be threatened. Too much reality that could not be smudged and denied?! It´s one thing to talk about a past life or to look a possible ending of this incarnation in the eye.

Well, we fear death because we didn´t dare to live. We´ve all died a thousand times, but this special life taking place now, we can only live once. It might be time to remind ourselves of that fact. And the goal of this life is not to play the victim of circumstances and to deny our own ability to shape those circumstances, so they express our own values, needs, and wants.

What we really want

This year is just perfect to realize what it is that we really want. And I get it, that safety might be part of the equation. We need to feel safe, to be able to expand. And all the hysteria that the mass media is promoting, is scaring people. So, take a time-out. No need to sit in front of the TV or hand our life to our smartphones. Our life takes place in our own body. It takes place while we cuddle our pets, sing a song, walk in nature, enjoy a bath, or wash the dishes. Safety is a feeling that resides and arises from within us. No one can give it to you or take it from you. You hand it over! And I know that because I faced so many seriously threatening situations and uncertainty in my life. So, no, this is not theory, this is real. We have to learn to trust in us, in our abilities, and in the fact that life is always willing to work for us if we allow it.

To find out what we really want we have to let go of all the programming, all the loud voices around us, even the ones in our own head and come back to our own heart. And sometimes we have to disappoint others, to not let ourselves down. Here´s an article that might help you if you are afraid to disappoint someone. Or also if you are disappointed as things didn´t play out as you expected them to be. You have to be true to yourself, you have to go into your heart. Only there we can find our “yes” to life, our safety, our trust, and our courage.

Wishing all of you lots of it!


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