Happy New Year to my Sisters … and my Brothers

Love is the Key

Happy New Year to my Sisters … and my Brothers <3

Unity Earth Year

I´m wishing all of you an undivided Happy New Year. It´s about time we take things into our own hands, and think, speak and do what is beneficial for all of us.

A few months ago I had a talk with a guy, that tried to come across as a wise fatherly figure. Well, it didn´t work, so he felt he had to even tell me what role he´s playing, as obviously I didn´t get it. What made it even worse, I had to hold back to not laugh out loud. I was asking myself who he tries to fool here, himself or me. Well, I should have realized this for a while now, but I had tried really hard to ignore it. So there was my answer, there were actually two fools in this conversation. In the old German language, the word for Fool was the same as for the Fatherly God in Norse mythology, T(h)or. It is also the word for Goal. Well, the goals that we get presented by such fatherly figures do indeed turn us into fools if we run for them.

Those of you who have studied the Tarot, you´ll know that the Card of the Fool carries the Number Zero. It´s the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega. But both meanings tell us nothing if we can´t see the wholeness of the journey. The journey necessary can not be expressed by one card with two meanings.

Creating a Split

So coming back to this talk between foolish fatherly god representative and foolish me. The way he opened my eyes fully was when he used the wizard’s trick of splitting a Virgo in 2. He was presenting an ideology, that was putting women into two categories: “Natural Women” and “The distorted feminine”. If you parroted him you were the first, if you challenged him you did represent the second. I knew of course this was absurd, but as I said I tried really hard to keep my eyes wide shut for a while now. But in this conversation, he made it impossible as he tried flattering me by offering me the first role while talking badly about the second role. Who doesn´t want to be a good girl? Uhm, me?! I am not interested in limiting roles, duality, and stupid prestidigitations. Like all magicians who create an I-magi-nation with the cutting into two, he believed he could rule with the division-trick. Division is used for everything, not just women. It is the endless Game of Duality itself, using Black´n White thinking. The chess game of imposter gods.

I´m using here the example of women and the split in two roles. For eons, women were put into two categories, the good girl and the bad girl. The go(o)d motherly holy figure and the evil whorelike seductress. Eve and Lilith. Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. If you break the spell of mind-control behavior modification you see this for what it is. Every woman embodies both, plus infinite more facets! That´s why a mind who has a limited binary code running will never understand the complexity of life. It´s what brought us to this point in time and the challenges we are facing. The Duality-Game and collective Schizophrenia is causing suffering and pain in all of us, who tried to take on those limited roles that a binary-coded duality offers.

It´s a trap!

This splitting happens in all areas of Life. With the above-mentioned example of the two roles for women, it is just very obvious. By the way, a Virgo in its original meaning had nothing to do with sexual inactivity. A Virgo was a woman that nobody owned and ruled over. It was then inverted into “god´s maiden”. They always have to twist the truth, split you in two, to rule, and fool.

Dear Sisters, I ask you to also not fall into the next trap. Don´t go against your brothers, just because they do represent for you the role of “a man”. I saw that happen with the me-too movement and also with the new agy goddess movement. One doesn´t return to self by diminishing the other. Cause we do the splitting game with men too. Men are often also torn apart between the roles of the good guy and the bad guy, the fatherly figure, and the free-roaming wild man. In this case, those 2 figures have a more positive connotation, but it is still a limiting role, a split, that is causing much damage and pain.

All inner divisions are causing an outer one too. The part in us that we suppress for this offered role, which we are accepting, is becoming an aspect that we will fight in the brother from another mother.

Divide and conquer

The split that´s fooling the audience of the magician isn´t always presented in black and white. No pun intended here, although I felt terrible when seeing racism fighting racism. In the US they played it then hardcore, using red and blue. And the whole world got hypnotized by the insanity in “God’s own Country”, which brought it to the edge of a civil war. And it´s not just been the “bible belt” that was falling for Cain against Abel. A highly symbolic story, that is playing out in endless variations. I went into the decoding of the garden of Eden story in my second book, where I wrote:

The moment humankind lost its innocence was not when they knew good and evil, but when they believed to know it.

Werte – Der Wandel sind wir

The other is always the hated enemy. That´s the presented lie. No, he´s not the enemy. he´s your brother! You can not harm him, without damaging yourself and the lives of your loved ones. This belief in the split, the division, the fight, and war, is the true foe!

Diversity is the Unity

We create peace also not by following the ideology of the hive-mind, which allows no other. Cause that´ll be the presented solution of the future. There are a few variations already out there, presented as political and as new age movements. All being equal, or “one”, no diversity. The unity of soulless robots. This would be the worst expression of the blindly cherished dawning of “The Age of Aquarius”. Such unity is nothing new but still rooted in the distortion of duality. “You are like we all are, or you are against us.” Having the choice between following the herd, or to be shunned and shamed! That´s not a new age, it´s just a bigger cage.

Please don´t fall for an offered role (even a flattering “good” one!) and please don´t reject the other. Or yourself, not fitting in the united herd. You´re too big and great for such a limiting false belief. And so is “the other”, as they are all your Sisters and your Brothers! Foolish Gods and all their followers included.

Love one another. They are all your Sisters and your Brothers!

I´m wishing all of you a most happy and healthy, peaceful and free New Earth-Year!


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