The common ground of being humane

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The common ground of being humane

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Divide and conquer

There´s a huge “divide and conquer” taking place at the moment. Each side believes to be the good guys and their opponents must therefore be the bad guys. It´s about time to find the common ground here.

When given two options, choose the third.

I will not take sides here, although I have my own points of view and preferences. And the human in me is of course convinced my opinions are the right ones. That´s okay. Everybody should be free to have opinions. Opinions don´t hurt as long as we stay humane. We actually have no real other choices. There is no way for mankind to have a future if we keep identifying ourselves and others with beliefs.

Different beliefs

Cause the differences, the frictions and the stress we undergo are all about beliefs. Whatever we are facing right now has nothing to do with facts. Cause both sides have facts, that the other ignore because they do not match their own. We have reinvented new forms of inquisition and suppression. The fight over “the right facts” has become religious dimensions and only appointed media and chosen experts are allowed to speak “the truth”.

All else are condoned heretics, seen as crazy or dumb. I could easily go on a rant here, how we project onto others what we refuse to see in ourselves. But I will not add to the “shadows on the wall”. I will not choose the vicious cycle of repetition that has enslaved humankind for eons. Since the day we foolishly assumed to know right from wrong, to own “the truth”.

Owning the truth

Instead of choosing a position of division, I choose to be humane. I offer everyone else to join this group. It´s for free. No manifesto, no price to pay, nobody to lead or follow. Simply being and allowing others to be.

It might sound crazy to make the choice to not follow the crowds, but I think it is wise, to be undived diverse. This is the group that will win. Because they will refuse to fight. Their viewpoints will be diverse, their language, personalities, opinions, and preferences will differ from each other a lot. But they will stand on the common ground of their choice to be humane.


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