About me

Love is the question, option and answer

Hi beautiful Soul,

my name is Natalie Anja Esser. I am working as an energetic healer, spiritual adviser, and author. And I´m all about Love, Joy, and Freedom.

I love to see people thrive and expand and I´ve created this blog to share a lot of insights, inspirations, and wisdom to assist you on your path.

All of my work is dedicated to be part of the change on this planet and to enable others, so their path may unfold with as much ease and joy as possible. I love to inspire and uplift you, but you´ve got to walk on your own two feet. I am only working with people who want to be sovereign creators.

I´ve done this work in many lifetimes and been well-prepared for this important change on planet earth. I am highly intuitive, empathic and sensitive, which makes it easy for me to energetically  “tune in”. Mostly I am working directly at an energetic level, but I might use all Kinds of tools to assist you on your path. I´ve learned lots of methods, like astrology, matrix work, and quantum healing, but my work is not about concepts, it´s about practicality.

We must be able to live our truth, to really thrive in life.

In my Blog, I am sharing ideas, insights, perspectives that may be useful for your Soul’s journey. Feel free to get inspired, to share my work, to play with it and make it your own version.

If you want to know about my Prices and Conditions or plan to book an appointment via Skype, please check them out here.

It´s a joy and honor to walk this path together for a moment in time. Take care and thanks for your visit.

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