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Love is the Key

Podcast Season 2

After a looong pause, the Heart´n Soul Podcast is back for Season 2. Just klick on the picture and I´ll take you away 😉

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The common ground of being humane

Divide and conquer There´s a huge “divide and conquer” taking place at the moment. Each side believes to be the good guys and their opponents must therefore be the bad guys. It´s about time to find the common ground here. When given two options, choose the third. I will not take sides here, although I…
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Unity Earth Year

Happy New Year to my Sisters … and my Brothers <3

Wishing all of you an undivided Happy New Year.

Follow your “Yes”

2020 is a year of surprises and challenges. And my inner knowing whispers in my ear that there´s even more to come. What isn´t necessarily a bad thing. Many seemingly negative things have a long-term positive effect.

The New Age of Deception

Did it ever come to your mind that the awakening of consciousness had been hijacked and that you´ve been deceived?

The freedom of choice

The most dangerous plague on this planet is ideology. It closes the mind. It excludes all information that is not representing the own narrative.

The real falling from grace

Most people see spirituality as something that is a niche. As something that the whoo-whoo weirdos speak about and practice. So when I tell them that I am a spiritual adviser, they think I´m the queen of whoo-whoo-land. Nope. I´m a very practical person. Spirituality has nothing to do with escapism. Spirituality is about the…
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Heart´n Soul goes Podcast

Hi dear ones, I´m happy to introduce the Heart´n Soul Podcast, that´ll make it smooth and easy for you to get inspired, even when you are not in front of a computer screen.

The EmPath – You are way more important than you think

In this new episode of The EmPath I would love to inspire you to see your mission with another perspective.

Twisted responsibility

It´s a strange world we live in. Some people feel responsible for the whole world, while others do not even care for their own stuff. And they both make a twisted kind of match, co-creating a twisted responsibility. When looking at the victims of abuse of any kind, there´s been one thing that I found…
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