Author: Natalie

Love is the Key


Closure can be used for all kinds of circumstances, as it is working on the level of Soul agreements, which is another name for the contracts behind our relationships. This can be real relationships with other people, but also with archetypes or the spirit of a building, a company etc. pp.

New YouTube Series about Addictions and Abuse

I have recently started a new series on YouTube about the topics of Addictions and Abuse. I explain in the first vid of this series the reason why I see those topics as related to each other and why I find it really crucial to face these topics. That´s the first video in this series,…
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The pure heart space

All of my work is about Love. No, that´s not correct. All of my life is about Love. It always was. Even in the moments when I felt desperate, alone, shattered, abused and abandoned. My Soul had chosen this path of contrast to find the deep healing and innerstanding, that I was looking for. I…
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A Capricornian Cornucopia

Today is the Moon Eclipse in Capricorn and while watching nature, I was gifted with some insight and wisdom, that I would like to share.

The EmPath – Listen to your body

Today I share a different point of view on ailments. My voice is a bit scratchy, as I´m recovering from influenza, but I wanted to bring the message out, while it is fresh.

The EmPath – It´s not Yours

In today’s video, I speak about our tendency, as empaths, to take in other people´s emotions. This feels very often overwhelming and is exhausting, causing stress or even illness. So it is important to learn more and more to stay centered while interacting with others.

Transcending Time – The Saturnian Gate

A clock may be a practical tool, but we can become a slave to it, always running, always stressed, always late. Many people suffer from this condition, always having to hurry.

A living bridge

All my life I have had contact with people of very different cultures and backgrounds. I am fascinated by the varieties of life and always loved to learn more about humankind. As I am energetically highly sensitive and able to tune into almost all of them, it’s always been very easy for me to connect. But every gift comes with challenges that we have to learn to overcome.

Energy management – About Vampires

Energetic balance is needed for our health, on all levels. When it comes to imbalance we have to look at the topic of vampirism. It´s really hard for you to stay healthy and alive if you are energetically sucked out.

Living the own values

To live life according to the own values is going to be a huge topic over the next few years on the collective level. It´s to be seen in the astrology, with Uranus in Taurus, plus Pluto in Capricorn.