Love is the question, option and answer

The Compassion Compass

New Episode of the Empath out on YouTube. I´m sharing my insights about the emotional evolution, seeing compassion as the next step on the path.

The Painful Truth about Love

I remember the sobering moment when I knew: “You don´t love me. You love how you feel around me. Your love will stop the moment I stop doing services.” The truth will set us free.

The EmPath – All you need is Love

In this episode I am encouraging you to follow your inner guiding light, as we didn’t come here to suffer or to adjust to distortion, but to deliver our Lovelight.

The problem isn´t the problem

To find the solution is the only reason why our problems show up in our life. But the
problem with our problems is that we see them as problems, while they are just the initiator of our solutions.

Manifestation: Just don´t prevent it

The most important rule when it comes to manifestation is that we shall seek to not prevent it, as to prevent manifestation is the number one reason why we are not successful. The most important rule when it comes to manifesting is: Don´t doubt it! So how do we prevent it? It´s always our thoughts.…
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Walking the EmPath instead in Circles

Systems don´t want evolution but need you to run in circles and keep the system alive.

All the wrong places

We´ve been searching in all the wrong places. This goes for everything: Happiness, Love, Fulfillment, Self-Worth, Abundance, Meaning, Direction… We have been searching on the outside, to make us fulfilled on the inside. But it will never work this way. We have been deceived to believe in the upside-down-reflection of true life. True Life comes…
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When we feel stuck….

Everybody is feeling stuck once in a while. I have been there very often and for many people, it seems to be “in the air” at the moment. So, I felt inspired to give you A) another point of view on being stuck. B) share with you two things you can always change, no matter…
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The end of suffering

I know what suffering means. I have made some extreme experiences in this lifetime, I am aware of other lifetimes plus as an EmPath I feel the suffering of others. If you are reading this, it´s highly likely that you´ve experienced more than enough suffering yourself. In my case, all of the above has prepared…
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The real conspiracy

I can say for a lot of conspiracy theories that they are real, as my Soul has chosen to give me first-hand experiences for stuff that I would have trouble believing otherwise….cause the mindset behind it is so different from mine. But although I have seen shape-shifting and been part of an experiment on human…
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