Love is the Key


One of the most destructive energies on this planet is a low self-worth. And everybody seems to be infected by this virus of distortion. Who can truly say to love and accept themselves fully? Not many. The closer you are to mastery, the more you will. But beware, the idea of being better than others,…
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Filters of perception

No one on earth has a clear point of view. And the closer we are to the object, the less clear is the overview. We´ll only focus on one small part of the whole picture. That´s the reason why we see the issues of others so clearly, but at the same time struggle with our…
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How to deal with emotional loss – Heartbreak

We all have to face it in our lives: Someone is dying or leaving us and this loss is creating a feeling of heartbreak and emotional pain. The word heartbreak describes a strong feeling of pain, that seems to tear our heart apart. It´s because we can´t stand this two different perspectives. The one perspective…
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The little owl

The little owl Once upon a time, there was a little owl, working in mag(net)ic service. She was working for the Prayer and Ordinary Orders Registration Office, also known as P.O.O.R. To be honest, she didn´t like her job very much. Nor did she like the jokes her family-members made about her, being a poor…
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It´s never about you

It´s often said, that people do to themselves what they do to others. Why? Because they project their inside onto you and mistreat you for their own suppressed aspects. The one fooling you is fooling himself. The one betraying you betrays himself. The one belittling you feels small himself. The one fighting you is fighting…
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Move and Change

I´m about to move my blog over the next days to wordpress, as this offers more possibilities. I should have done that from the start, but wanted to make it more comfortable for someone else. Life is so funny and all about changes and lessons. 2016 has been the year of clean-ups and surprising truth,…
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