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Love is the Key

When we feel stuck….

Everybody is feeling stuck once in a while. I have been there very often and for many people, it seems to be “in the air” at the moment. So, I felt inspired to give you A) another point of view on being stuck. B) share with you two things you can always change, no matter…
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The end of suffering

I know what suffering means. I have made some extreme experiences in this lifetime, I am aware of other lifetimes plus as an EmPath I feel the suffering of others. If you are reading this, it´s highly likely that you´ve experienced more than enough suffering yourself. In my case, all of the above has prepared…
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Rose-Events around the Leo´s Gate and Eclipse Season

Dear Ones, if things in your life are a bit intense at the moment, worry not, that is just normal. It´s the cosmic weather and there´s a higher purpose behind it. It´s a transitioning periode where we have to let go of all that´s no longer working for us and instead go for our dreams,…
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Rose News for June

My next Monthly Rose Touch is taking place on Saturday June 9th at 6. p. m. CEST. Those that want to be added to the list of participants, just let me know. You can also ask to have your pets added, cats and dogs enjoy the energies a lot. If you want to add your…
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Twin Flames – The purifying Love

Meeting your Twin is the most purifying love experience you will ever have. It will bring up everything in your being that isn´t balanced. It may seem like heaven and hell at once, as your reactions towards each other can be really extreme and only someone who has met his/her own twin can understand what´s…
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