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Love is the Key

When someone does you wrong…do not allow them

When people do you wrong….do not allow them. How? By making sure you will not leave yourself and the loving truth of your heart. It doesn´t matter if they try to steal, cheat, manipulate, deceive or accuse you. Do not give in. Feel inside of you, be honest and true to yourself and it doesn´t…
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Rose News & NeuSpace & Valentine´s Day

Well, nothing stays the same and that´s excellent news. Who would want the same old stories being played out again? For sure not my kind ^_^ Last week had lots of distractions showing up and absolutely nothing worked out as planned, but I am overly happy that all that´s been important did work out somehow.…
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(W)hole and comp(l)ete

We have to be content within ourselves, becoming whole and complete again. No one can give that to us and no one can take it from us. Since quite some days my Masterself showed me situations, where the split between the fe/male energies has been seen clearly, to shine the light of my consciousness there.…
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Why we cannot uplift others

I´ve gotta joyful, loving heart and I´m an empath, so I always totally enjoyed it to see people thrive. The stranger it has been to me, that a lot of people first have been totally amazed by me, to than later start strange games, what normally ended our relationship. If you are a loving empath…
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Mistakes – Finding the chance to change

We´ve got to learn to look at our mistakes without feeling bad about them, cause only then they can provide their chance to change. One of the biggest obstacles for the change on this planet, for our personal and collective evolvement, is that we feel bad when making a mistake. But when we feel bad…
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Your blockages hide your mastery

We all have special areas in our lifes where we struggle again and again. As they seem difficult we try to avoid them. I want to encourage you to do the opposite. Why? Cause these blocks have been installed for good reasons and will just melt away, when you are ready. The areas in your…
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Oh my darling, please surrender…why you cannot miss your goal

I know a lot of people that are waiting for something or someone. We, including me, know that we will be at a totally different place by the the end of the year, but until now it is the big “unknown”. We don´t know what, where or with whom we will be. And that brings…
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Love thy monsters – Shadows uncovered

In the shadows resides all that can´t be accepted and loved. That is how shadows are created: through shame, guilt and rejection. A child cannot stand it to be not good, not lovable and as such experiences cause the feeling of heartbreak it puts all that s/he is thinks will cause these feelings in the…
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Your fear serves you well, become its master.

I´ve just created a new video. And it´s showing another point of view on the issue of fear. You might just welcome your fear…<3

Show yourself. Love yourself.

Soulutions.One has its first video. The topic is to dare to show yourself and be yourself, as this will be very important for all of us in this very special Year 2017.