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Love is the Key

Follow your “Yes”

2020 is a year of surprises and challenges. And my inner knowing whispers in my ear that there´s even more to come. What isn´t necessarily a bad thing. Many seemingly negative things have a long-term positive effect.

The pure heart space

All of my work is about Love. No, that´s not correct. All of my life is about Love. It always was. Even in the moments when I felt desperate, alone, shattered, abused and abandoned. My Soul had chosen this path of contrast to find the deep healing and innerstanding, that I was looking for. I…
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Transcending Time – The Saturnian Gate

A clock may be a practical tool, but we can become a slave to it, always running, always stressed, always late. Many people suffer from this condition, always having to hurry.

Never enough

I have never been enough. Whatever I did was seen as not good enough. So I tried for quite some years to become, what I was not.

The problem isn´t the problem

To find the solution is the only reason why our problems show up in our life. But the
problem with our problems is that we see them as problems, while they are just the initiator of our solutions.

Manifestation: Just don´t prevent it

The most important rule when it comes to manifestation is that we shall seek to not prevent it, as to prevent manifestation is the number one reason why we are not successful. The most important rule when it comes to manifesting is: Don´t doubt it! So how do we prevent it? It´s always our thoughts.…
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The externalisation of power

We are raised in a way that we believe deeply in our smallness and unworthyness. We are trained to see us as powerless. A lot of people train us, because they believe it themselves…and some do so because they take advantage of others with intend. And as we incarnate on earth in a very helpless…
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The Ticket Home

All my life I´ve had this memory that I couldn´t explain for a long time, as it didn´t make sense to my mind. I remembered a kind of heavenly meadow, where I´ve lived with the other beautiful expressions of source. Our Soul remembers in pictures, so to me it was like a meadow and we,…
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Gratitude as a gateway to sensuality

Today I will give a webinar about gratitude. It´ll be in german, for those that speak it and are interested, here you´ll find the event and later the replay: For the rest I´ll share an aspect of gratitude, that many are not aware of: Gratitude is a gateway to sensuality. Of course it is…
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Showing up

Lately there’s been a whole lot of showin´ going on. This is the review. The Master watches it all and has fun. I recognized how some tried to sneak around without showing themselves. Some showed a lack of understanding, compassion and honesty, be lie ving to be able to not be seen for who they…
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