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Love is the Key

Podcast Season 2

After a looong pause, the Heart´n Soul Podcast is back for Season 2. Just klick on the picture and I´ll take you away 😉

The EmPath – You are way more important than you think

In this new episode of The EmPath I would love to inspire you to see your mission with another perspective.

New YouTube Series about Addictions and Abuse

I have recently started a new series on YouTube about the topics of Addictions and Abuse. I explain in the first vid of this series the reason why I see those topics as related to each other and why I find it really crucial to face these topics. That´s the first video in this series,…
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The pure heart space

All of my work is about Love. No, that´s not correct. All of my life is about Love. It always was. Even in the moments when I felt desperate, alone, shattered, abused and abandoned. My Soul had chosen this path of contrast to find the deep healing and innerstanding, that I was looking for. I…
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The EmPath – Listen to your body

Today I share a different point of view on ailments. My voice is a bit scratchy, as I´m recovering from influenza, but I wanted to bring the message out, while it is fresh.

Walking the EmPath instead in Circles

Systems don´t want evolution but need you to run in circles and keep the system alive.

Transformation – This is not the end

We are constantly changing. If we would refuse to change, this would be death – and there is no such things as death, not really. So even if we would decide to stay the same old, same old, this is just not possible. All that is alive is constantly changing. Your breath is a good…
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Rose News and upcoming events

2018 is for me a year of fast changes and re-adjustments. We don´t know what we don´t know, but following the inner knowing we are always guided perfectly. A few weeks ago I have surprised myself as I found guidance and encouragement in an article I had written a few days ago. That´s really funny…
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Why the EmPath has to anchor within

Being an EmPath is for many a path of struggle, pain and exhaustion. When we feel everything around us so intensely, that´s just a massive overload, especially when we live in huge cities, meeting lots and lots of people every day. Therefore it is absolutely crucial that we learn to master our special abilities. In…
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Fractals & Soul Soup

I love ideas, philosophies and insights, but I never “believe” anything to be an absolute. I know that at different stages we have a different point of view, but most people are totally investing in their own temporary perception or handing it over to others to tell them what  to perceive. My articles and points…
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