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Here are some questions that are often asked. All definitions are limited by my own perception or point of view as being in a human incarnation. They are given so you can see if what I have to offer resonates with you. I do not claim to have all the answers. Nor do I need to.

Let´s put it that way: One does not necessarily need to study music theory to be a good singer. And having studied music theory does not make one a good singer. I am excellent when it comes to energetically singing the song of my Soul, so you´ll remember yours.

What´s your definition of Healing?

To me, coming from an energetic standpoint, healing occurs when there´s energetic balance. It is our natural state. When being in a healing session with you, I do not give or take away energy, as this goes against my ethics. I deeply respect your sovereign being. What I do is I inspire you, remind you, of this state of balance. You will respond as much as is appropriate and in a way that is in alignment with your greater beings’ intention and wisdom. All healing is self-healing. I´m just assisting you to remember.

What do you mean by Quantum Healing?

When I refer to “Quantum Healing”, I mean a method that is taking place outside of time and space. It is related to the Zero-Point-Field, where all potentials exist in a point of perfect balance. What we can achieve when connecting to this field is only limited by our beliefs aka programming.

Matrix work

A Matrix is a surrounding with given rules aka programs. We are living in a holographic world, that is limited by the used code/programs. By connecting with the field of infinite possibilities we can change our circumstances and limitations.

What is the Rose Touch?

The Rose Touch is my own healing method. I “remembered” it when I reached a special point in my development and self-healing. The Rose Touch can not be learned, as it is my unique version of “singing the song of my soul”. Others can have their own way of doing this, maybe in a similar way, but it will not be the same. Nature knows no copies, only originals.

People who experience the Rose Touch often feel deep Joy, Love, Peace or Clarity. This is also very unique and is their own reaction when coming in alignment with themselves. The results of that can not be foreseen. This remembering of self can express itself in a million way. Your healing is as unique as you are in this point in time.

Do you work with animals?

I have a special affinity for cats and have “worked with” a few of them by now. I love all of Life and when you have a special request, just contact me and I´ll see if I´m able to connect with your loved pet.

Do you work with people who are dead?

People who are no longer in a physical body normally don´t need assistance. They are perfectly fine. However, while transitioning, a dying person can experience trauma, which means a part of their being separates itself and is energetically stuck. Sometimes that happens when a violent death happens. This is the background of “ghosts”. It´s not the deceased one, but an aspect of their persona. I have often assisted those aspects to reintegrate with their greater being.

What is also not unusual is that not the dead person, but the client actually needs help, as he or she finds it difficult to let go. As always, if that is you and you have difficulties with the grieving process, which needs time and is an individual one, I can not do it for you but I´d love to assist you.

What´s your perspective on ailments/pain?

I would like to quote a film-character here: “The problem is not the problem. Your attitude towards the problem is the problem.” Ailments are in our life for a reason, like every other difficulty also. It´s not about “fixing them”, but about doing the integration work/learning the lesson. Pain is simply an indicator of stuck energy. So the pain is actually a good sign, as it is asking for our attention.

Do you accept clients “from the dark side”?

I accept everyone truly coming from the heart or dedicated to coming back to their heart. The heart knows no duality. Therefore, believe me, your “sins” can not shock me. I´ve been it all and I´ve seen it all. However, if you did walk deep into the dark, there are two things standing in the way, that are actually one thing.

First obstacle: Out of pain and desperation you might feel tempted to use “power” or “manipulation” or “magic” to keep control in our interaction, which is a) not working properly when it comes to me and b) ending our relationship instantly.

The second obstacle is that one needs to look themselves straight in the eye. Most people are not brave enough for that. What is actually true for both sides of the duality game.

So it is always you who is the obstacle. I accept you, question is: will you be able to do the same?

I can not afford your services but need help. Are there free options?

All help is in the end self-help. I believe every being is worthy by its very existence and should have everything it needs to thrive. Therefore you will find tons of freebies offered by me. You can go to my blog page, or my YouTube Channel, or my Podcast, and use keywords that describe your issue. If you think I haven´t spoken or written about that topic, you can message me. If I find the time and feel inspired I might address the topic in one of my next articles or episodes and in this way it might assist many people.

My Question isn´t answered here. What can I do?

Do not hesitate to send me a message in case you have a question that isn´t answered here and you need more information.

In case you don´t know me personally by now and would like to have a short meet´n greet, there´s the option to book a free 15-Minute-Session.