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Love is the Key

Twin Flames – The purifying Love

Meeting your Twin is the most purifying love experience you will ever have. It will bring up everything in your being that isn´t balanced. It may seem like heaven and hell at once, as your reactions towards each other can be really extreme and only someone who has met his/her own twin can understand what´s…
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Personal disclaimer

I should´ve been delivered with a disclaimer. But I wasn´t. Not even a tiny note, warning “Caution. Highly transformative.” So I can´t blame people that they didn´t get it, that they should stay away when wanting to stay the same old, same old. I didn´t get it myself for a lot of years what it…
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Dying to be me

Last year  I experienced 3 major steps on my path. 1.) I wondered why I had still attracted abusive people. The answer was a shock. Literally frozen in time for 40 years and opening my eyes for some ugly stuff around me. 2.) An shadow-aspect returning home and the message that “the Master is in…
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Freeing shadows and opening the round table

Every time we experience something that we can not handle and are not able to deal with, an aspect of ourselves is split apart. He is than living in the shadows, holding the unwanted. When wanting to become whole again, there is no other way but going into the shadows and opening up for these…
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