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Love is the Key

A journey into embodied enlightenment

These are my experiences, my path; it is unlike everybody’s elses path, so no need to agree or disagree about it. I share it for those that find a little nugget in it and all else I have no interest in. No more need of people mastering others, instead of themselves. I do not follow…
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Vulnerability isn´t the problem

We are afraid of our vulnerability, but it is not the vulnerability that is the problem. Our fear is the problem. The earthworm is seemingly very vulnerable…but in fact he has an enormous ability for regeneration and he´s an important co-worker with mother earth. So tell me what is wrong about vulnerability? It is in…
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Rocky water

Once there was a stone in a stream. This stone was proud of his strength and despised the water, touching him again and again, until the stone got furious and angry. He beat against the water, opposed it and tried to push it away. But this intangible element just kept flooding. The stone couldn´t stop…
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