Pricing, Values and Conditions

Love is the Key

Pricing, Values, and Conditions

When you get in touch with my work, I ask you to be aware of my pricing, values, and conditions. These are given with the intent to have clarity, honor, and respect in our interactions.

What I have to offer is priceless. It is the result of eons of development and dedication. I believe that you deserve my dedication. joy, love & (com-)passion.

If you find value in my offers depends on you. If it resonates, please get in touch with me. If not, no harm is done, simply move on.

Public offers

You can find tons of my content, coming without any price tag. It is my loving contribution to this planet and humankind. How you interact with it, is up to you. If you consume it, without making anything out of it, you have wasted your time. You are free to do so.

If you can digest it and it helps you to grow and expand, it´s been my pleasure to have offered you nourishment & wisdom for your beautiful journey.

I perceive myself as the daughter of our mother planet Gaia. Like our planetary mother, I love to share and nourish others. In nature things are cooperative. If a bee finds nectar, it transports the pollen to help the flower to expand. A bee even dances in front of other bees to show them the way to the flower that has shared its gift with the bee. You can do the same by recommending my services to others and sharing my offers.

And if you come very often to receive support on your journey, it would be great if you could assist me on mine and make a donation. I will receive it with gratitude. And if it is only the price of a cuppa coffee once in a while, as this is all you can afford, I understand this very well. I love coffee and will enjoy having one, given by your generous hand. If you can not even afford to offer me a coffee, I will also be very grateful for you supporting me in another way, for example writing a recommendation. I know you are gifted too, even if you have no money, you can for sure share a gift of yours with me. Surprise me.

More personal offers and groups

If I work for many people, I do not have to put a price tag on it. Or it is a small one, for a book of mine, for example. The reason is simple. If my time is beneficial for many, they will pay for my work as a group, which makes it quite affordable.

The more specific my work is getting, the more expensive it has to become. A book is quite affordable, a webinar too, as it is a lot of work, but still, there will be a bunch of people who benefit from my work. They pay me together, as a group. Also, a recording of a webinar is normally more expensive than attending live. That´s because the people that are live are helping create it in a more lively way, asking questions or making a comment. Or they bring their friends with them. I appreciate this a lot, which is seen in my pricing.

If you want my time (and my attention, presence and huge tool-box) for you alone, it is not for free. Not because I do not appreciate you as a person, just the opposite. I love, honor and respect you and me. We are both precious beings, ready to grow and evolve. The time that I spend with you, I will not be able to dedicate towards my personal growth and the collective transformation. It is also time I cannot spend otherwise to create the necessary income for my home, clothing, expenses for technical equipment and internet services. I can not allow anyone, to take all of these resources for their own benefit, without paying me a fee that mirrors the value we both give our time together.

Private Skype Sessions

The fee for a private session via Skype is 120 Euro or 300 Euro for a package of 3 sessions. A session lasts between 45 and 60 minutes. In this time I will assist you in making a major step along your journey. If you have any questions or special demands, please do not hesitate to send me an E-Mail.

Follow this link to schedule your appointment:

The payment for your session has to be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment:

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