Assistance on a Soul Level

Love is the Key

Please allow me to present what I have to offer:

How does one work on a Soul Level?

I work mostly in the not tangible realms, directly on an energetic and Soul Level. The reason for that is an easy one: Those realms are where “reality” is created. If you want to search for the cause of an issue, you can study the outer expression, watch reoccurring patterns, or you can go to the inner realm of creation. Both are valid and both mirror each other. Therefore, for best results, we include the inner and outer world. So you would for example describe your problem as good as possible, and I would then use my ability to see and travel in other realms and dimensions, read the energetics, to find the cause and solution.

I´m like a detective for spiritual matters. Because the spiritual matters, literally.

If one only fixes the outer expression, and the cause isn´t found and balanced, the cause will reoccur over time in a new expression. That´s when we always attract the same issues, time and time again. If the cause is seen by me, but not brought to your own awareness, it will not change. It has to be anchored by you, through your awareness, and hereby brought into the physical.

I will then assist you to recreate energetic balance and will give advice on how you can keep that balance. This is the part that happens while and after our session. I am a living bridge and translator for you. All healing is self-healing and when you become conscious and aware, you automatically balance back into your natural state.

Balance and harmony is your natural state.

Personal Sessions

For a personal session, we will meet via a virtual room, mostly Zoom. You can schedule your session using my calendly page and choose the option that suits you best.

A session does not start at the scheduled point in time. In many cases, I start working at least 3 days ahead. Your and my greater being work together to bring my awareness to “the heart of the matter”. This should also explain why my work can not be “cheap”. You do not pay for the time we spend together, but for the many hours, it might have taken me to deliver the results while we are together.

When you have scheduled a session, we will communicate via mail, so you can describe to me what topic you want to address and I can energetically tune-in and track the energies, as described above. I will send you a link to our personal Zoom Room, where we will meet at the scheduled point in time.

I will record your session for you and send you the link to the recording afterward unless you don´t want me to create a recording. Most people find it to be very useful. Sometimes a client is very nervous or huge emotions come up, so it is better to be able to revisit the session later.

In case you book a “AstroLogic Transmutation” the many details and question that might come up make a recording really preferable.

There are no problems that are taboo in our session, there´s no question you can not ask. Your and my time together is seen as a sacred space, where we meet with Love, Honor, and Respect, no matter the topic and issue. See me as the unbiased, supportive, loyal friend that you need and deserve in your current situation.

Used Methods

People often ask me what methods I use. Well, what I do is no method. You can not teach or learn that. I embody that, I am that. I am able to offer my services because I am connected with my own Heart. There is no limit to the Soul. The only limit that exists is created by my awareness or state of being as a human. That´s why I need to prepare for our meeting. To make sure to be in balance and well-grounded and to have created a connection on a Soul-Level.

It is through my inner awareness and the connection between my Greater Being and your Greater Being, (some use other words, like “Higher Self”. I mean the part of us that is eternal) that I am “inspired” to use a method out of my huge toolbox.

The biggest tool in this toolbox is my dedication to help you heal, to find the so(u)lution for your issue. I may travel the astral, have a chat with your cat, or with the aspect of your being, that you deny. Or I will balance your energy field with the Rose Touch. The Rose Touch is my own, very unique way of Quantum Healing. You can not book a Rose Touch. The Rose Energy within me, tells me if she wants to touch your field. Or I will simply take you with me on a guided meditation, to use your imagination to break free from your limitation. Or I will invent a method, just for you, simply because you needed it at this moment.

You do not book a method, you gain access to someone who´s unlimited in dedication and ways to assist you. The only exception when it comes to methods is if you book a Session of “AstroLogic Transmutation”. To use Astrology as a tool for transmutation is then a great idea if you want to see the greater picture. Astrology shows you the energetic imprint you received when you incarnated. Plus I have a look at the energetic weather at the moment and what it might trigger for you. I don´t (ab)use Astrology for fortune-telling! I don´t believe in limitations. I assist you in breaking out of them, to become aware that you are a sovereign Creator Being.


I ask you to make your payment at least 3 days before we meet, if you book a personal session and 5 days prior to an “AstroLogic Transmutation” session, as this is when I start to prepare for our meeting. If you cancel or reschedule before these 3/5 days I will not charge you. Life happens.

If you have to cancel after you made your payment and I started working already, I will refund 2/3 of your paid fee. If you don´t cancel, but simply don´t show up, there´ll be no refund.

I use Paypal for payments, but you don´t need to have a Paypal account yourself, you can use your credit card. In this case, Paypal will just be the intermediary for this transaction

And for legal matters, like personal disclaimer and data protection, please follow this link


Special Requests

In case you have special needs or requests, please do not hesitate to ask. I may not be able or willing to give you what you ask for, but as long as you do not ask you´ll never know. Life has always nice surprises to offer and we live indeed in times of huge surprises. So, feel invited and dare to just send me a message.

Freebies and Inspiration

I know that life is rich. And I know that money can´t buy what belongs to no body and to all. I know that every being deserves to receive whatever it needs to thrive. I know that lack is one of the biggest lies and distortions on this planet. Therefore you will find tons of free content on my Blog, or on YouTube. I am abundant in my creativity and in my Love for this planet and you. Please feel invited to be ignited and inspired on your own, unique journey. I honor your being and I pay forward, as I can not pay back what others have given me.


My first huge step in finding back to myself I have made in 2011 when I decided to live my passion as an author. Well, we should always be the author of our own lives, but I took it literally. You´ll find of cause my Blog articles on this page, but I did also publish 3 books. Only one of them is available in English so far. It is my latest book, published in April 2020. The topic is the hijacking of the awakening of consciousness on this planet.

You can also listen to the beginning of “The New Age of Deception” in a podcast episode of mine.