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Natalie Anja Esser

Hi beautiful Soul,

please allow me to intoduce myself and to share a bit about “Who´s Natalie Anja Esser”. I am a Wise Woman, a Seer, and Energy Reader. I´m an Expert in healing Abuse, especially Energetic and Spiritual Abuse.  As my work with you is a very personal one, I´ll give you an insight into my own journey, to offer you trust and transparency.

My full name is Natalie Anja Esser, and it took me a while to find out myself who that that actually is.

I was born in January 1969 in Frankfurt, Germany.  Since 2021 I am living in Bamberg, a town that is situated in the northern part of Bavaria, although  the people here don´t feel they belong to Bavaria. They call this area “Land of the Francs” and I am curious to find out more about my new place, that offers history, beautiful nature and good food.

I am speaking English and German and I am working with people from all over this world and from all walks of life. On an energetic level, I need no devices to work, connect, and communicate. I am not bound by time and space. When I meet with my clients to discuss their issues, answer their questions, and to integrate the healing process I am using Zoom, sometimes also Skype. Unless you are located in Bamberg, then we can meet in person.

Abundant by Nature

Like every other being, I was born with all the special skills needed for my journey, plus a few more that I lost, as I had to adjust to “normal” society.

Everything that is seen as paranormal did scare people back then. From my perspective, the so-called paranormal is actually the real normal, as it is natural. We are just trained to “fit in” into a society that has lost its natural abundance. Children learn to adjust to their environment and will suppress their unique abilities if those are unwanted and rejected by their environment. So did I. I lost for example the ability to “hear” electricity. Other, visual,  skills stayed dormant in the background and came back over time, through my own healing process.

Overcoming Limitations

On the other hand, our lives can also improve our abilities, especially under very challenging circumstances. That´s why we choose them.

My childhood was quite traumatizing, which did heighten my sensitivity towards emotional energy. My own difficulties in combination with my empathic nature caused my dedication to bring people back home to themselves.  When looking at my own challenges and at the limitations of people around me, I realized that all pain and distortions are created by a loss of self and of balance. It also is the reason why I am very passionate when it comes to the healing of abuse in its very widespread forms and variations.

Life as a teacher

I married very young, just being 17 years old, and just 4 weeks after my own 18th birthday I gave birth to a beautiful little baby girl. Although I was really not fit for my role as a mother, I must have done a decent job anyway, as my daughter is long grown up in between and a strong and skilled woman herself. I lived a very average life for many years, being a mother and wife, while I studied life in itself, including the occult sciences.

In my attempts to be as “normal” as possible, I did adjust to my surroundings and started to work in the areas of law, public service, and taxes. What always included working with money, what I thought to be a “cosmic mistake”. I was able to see money for what it really is and also what it did to humans. I know in between that there are no mistakes in life, and that life is always wise and has its own sense of humor. Money is energy, currency, and mirrors so well how we deal with energy and life.  Plus it showed me the power structures behind the scene.


I have extra senses when it comes to energy, and it was my calling to study energetics on all levels. So looking in hindsight it did make a lot of sense that I would work with energy, even when playing “normal”.

In my free time, I did study metaphysics. I still do, just I don´t hide it any longer and it became an integral part of my life,. Over the years I became an expert for energetic and spiritual healing.

I started to learn about Astrology, for example, already as a teenager. “The queen of science”, as Astrology was once called, stayed with me until today. Astrology has nothing to do with fortune-telling, although it is misused for that very often. It just tells us about the energetic weather, we can then decide what to make out of it. I still use it to get an objective overview of the lives of my clients. It is a great tool to see the dynamics of energetic patterns and undercurrents. In my AstroLogic Transmutation Sessions, I help my clients translate and transmute such patterns. But no matter what method I use, my focus is always one of integration and transmutation, to recreate balance and harmony.

The Calling

Over the years I also learned lots of different healing modalities: Quantum Healing, Matrix Work, Family Constellations, Closure with Soul Contracts, to name a few that I use frequently. And for a long time, I thought I learn all of this to help myself. We hide our most precious talents not just from the world, but also from ourselves.

Back in 2010 I met while a short trip to Munich a guy who suddenly told me it would be my calling to “be a healer of hearts”. I thought him to be totally delusional and answered “I would have to heal my own heart first”. He ignored my resistance, he just smiled and insisted to speak the truth. He then asked me very respectfully to gift him a hug. People love my hugs, I emanate something that reminds them of who they truly are.

Hiding from Self

Like most people, I tried to hide from myself. But I had to find out that there´s no escape from our Soul´s Calling. It took many quite miraculous and sometimes even hilarious experiences to finally accept my Calling. I can be stubborn sometimes, but life always has it´s ways to reach us. One of the methods the universe was using were strangers, who would all deliver the same message to me. And sometimes 2 minutes after we met for the first time. The last stranger, whose message I finally accepted, was a Hawaiian Kahuna. It´s been in 2015 when she told me: “Everything you´ve experienced and that you went through was to be a teacher and healer. You are ready now!”

It´s all making sense now

While we travel through life we can´t see the bigger picture of this journey. And the meaning of life and all the answers aren´t somewhere outside, they´ve always been within.

The outside is mirroring that, but we can lose ourselves in those mirrors, without seeing the truth. All of my life people came to me for advice. And even total strangers trusted me. But I had to learn to trust myself. And I also had to learn to set boundaries, as there are a lot of people out there, who try to steal from others, what they cannot find in themselves. I had so many people coming my way, trying to use and abuse me, as they had lost themselves along their journey. They made me finally realize that you only try to steal from someone who is Abundant by Nature.

Now that I found out who Natalie Anja Esser actually is, I simply cherish the richness of life. When I´m not working with my clients, I am writing blog-articles and books, I create podcasts, give webinars, or hang out with friends. I have my own limitations and hardships in life, but I know now they are always there for a reason.  Therefore I am a very joyful being most of the time. I love cats, coffee, and watching the starlight. I enjoy all of Life and would love to meet you if my words did speak to you.

With Love,


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